computer diagnostic

Check Up PC – Computer Diagnostic

Computer Diagnostic Your computer is not working and you wonder what’s going on. Computer diagnostic checks everything to find the computer problem. Get a plain explanation with recommended options.

network support

Network Support

Network support services restore access. Get an IT pro to solve your computer network issues.

spill liquid laptop data recovery laptop damage

Liquid Spill Help

A liquid spill on your laptop is a nightmare. Coffee or soda gets inside your laptop. This is serious and requires quick action. First, turn off your laptop. Next, Call us to look at your wet computer.  Find out if laptop repair is cost-effective. Your laptop gets opened up to clean and dry it out […]

tech support

Computer Tech Support

Get fast computer technical support for software problems. A friendly computer technician delivers telephone or remote online support.

virus removal service

iQ Virus Blaster – Virus Removal Service

Virus Removal Service Remove viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, keyloggers. This malware ruins important documents, photos, music, and videos. We find and fix viruses, spyware, adware on your PC. Stay protected with antivirus software installation service.   Ransomware Protection and Recovery iQ has the expertise to take care of any virus and spyware. For ransomware, we […]

data backup service

Backup PC

Protect your priceless, photos, music, videos, documents. Keep vital business data safe. Hard drive crashes can mess up your files. A virus can delete files. Backup PC service checks for disc problems and creates a working backup. 1 free restore from backup included. External hard drive sold separately.

operating system install

Operating System Install Service

iQ Operating System Install helps you get the most out of your computer. Upgrade to Windows 11. We also upgrade macOS and Linux operating systems. Benefits of operating system upgrades include security patches, new features, and bug fixes. You get performance enhancements and user interface updates. Don’t worry about your connected devices. iQ installs drivers […]

computer hardware repair

iQ Hardware Repair

iQ Hardware Repair fixes your computer. We repair your cracked laptop screen. Computer won’t turn on? Replace or repair the motherboard. Got keyboard problems? We upgrade hard drive and fix overheating. Call for help with blue screen errors or startup issues. Drop off your device today for a repair estimate.