Finding the perfect gaming computer is hard to do. Building your own gaming computer can be equally as hard. You’re unsure about putting together an affordable gaming PC that will perform. You can have the best of both worlds with a custom PC created for you by a professional. Already have your gaming rig? iQ Computer Services repairs and upgrades gaming desktops and laptops. Get back in the game!
You're afraid of making mistakes. Talk to a gaming build specialist. Make your one-of-a-kind gaming system you're proud of. Want to get into top games like Grand Theft Auto V, Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty and VR gaming? Get in touch for help with creating the right gaming computer that can handle it. Count on iQ when your gaming PC has issues.  Bottlenecks in performance stop you from playing your favorite game. Our experts select the best parts for tight budgets and high-end enthusiasts alike. High-Quality Components
You need a PC that is going to play high-graphic games. It's going to allow you to play
many games that need specific graphics and RAM. We help you with 4K UHD monitors, custom cases, Bluetooth, RGB lighting, and cooling system. Get blazing fast online play with Wi-Fi 802.11AX and 2.5GB ethernet. Select modular power supply, and graphics cards with HDMI 2.0, Display Port. Transfer data fast through USB 3.2, M.2 NVME, and SATA SSD.

iQ Computer Services Provides Gaming Computer Services:

• Consultation to help you choose the correct parts
• Builds from scratch, your parts, your way, your PC
• Upgrades for both desktops and laptops
• Troubleshooting help for gaming computers
• Overclocking on supported hardware

Share all the features you need. We help you select the best components. Use our experience, background, and knowledge. We work with the best parts in the market such as AMD Ryzen, MSI, Corsair, Intel, and Asus ROG. You don't have to break your bank to build your gaming PC. Speak with us about your needs and budget and we can work out the best plan of action to get your dream gaming computer. We provide quality builds each time. You will be thrilled when we build the perfect PC for you.