Windows Computer Repair

You don’t want your computer to crash. Without your operating system, daily computing activities can’t happen. Updating your Windows is key to avoiding this risk. Get the Windows computer repair services that you need.

Windows 11 Computer Support

Looking to update to the latest version of Windows?  iQ can upgrade you to Windows 11.  You probably are not aware of the new system requirements.  We are up to date on all the ins and outs of the new Windows 11.  Let us take the hassle out of your transition.

Are you having problems with your Windows operating system?  Let us find what is causing the issue. Whether you are using Windows 10 or an older version like Windows 8 or Windows 7, you should bring it to us. 

Common Problems With Windows Operating Systems

Glitches often occur on Windows operating systems due to not working out all the kinks. iQ works around these issues to provide you with a better user experience. We can restore your operating system to its original condition. Common issues with Windows include:


Blue Screen Error a.k.a the Blue Screen of Death
Startup Issues like the Automatic Startup Repair Loop
Viruses on your Windows Operating System
System Restore fails after a crash
Slow Running Apps, and Programs

Freezing and Lockups

Windows Repair Services

Get professional Windows computer repair services. If your computer needs more repairs, your technician will address them. We provide Microsoft software support.
iQ delivers personalized service and software support. Count on us to take care of you when you need to get your computer working again. Contact iQ Computer Services to speak with someone about your Windows issues. Feel confident again about using your PC, and Windows operating system. Let’s schedule a time to look at the problem. Next, we’ll diagnose and repair it. You’ll be back on track.


Robert Conover

Corrupted Operating System Fixed

I had a laptop with a corrupted OS after installing a Windows Update. I spent hours fighting with it but gave up. I reached out to Marcus and he not only fixed my laptop, he provided me with a recovery disk while I waited. I only got halfway through a magazine article and the work was done. A bargain at twice the price. FIVE STARS!

Robert Conover
Jay Townsend

High Level Of Expertise

After a Microsoft automatic update corrupted my Windows 10 virtual machine (running on my Mac), I tried a bunch of self-help solutions I found searching online forums and got nowhere after nearly a week. I was panicking and at a loss for where to turn for local IT support for my small business since very few IT support folks are familiar with Macs and virtual machines. After some online research, I discovered IQ Computer Services and reached out via their website. I received a prompt response and after confirming that they were able to support my particular issue, I scheduled an appointment for remote support. I was thrilled with the response time, the level of expertise, and the ability to communicate with me in a patient and jargon-free manner throughout the remote session. They also checked up on me several times during the following week to make sure that everything was running again as it should.

Jay Townsend


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