network support

Network Support

Network support services restore access. Get an IT pro to

spill liquid laptop

Laptop Liquid Spill Help

Let us take a look at your wet computer to

tech support

Computer Tech Support

Get fast computer technical support for software problems. A friendly

virus removal service

iQ Virus Blaster – Virus Removal Service

Virus Removal Service Remove viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, keyloggers.

computer diagnostic

Check Up PC – Diagnostic

Computer Diagnostic Your computer is not working and you wonder

data backup service

Backup PC

Protect your priceless, photos, music, videos, documents. Keep vital business

operating system install

Operating System Install Service

iQ Operating System Install helps you get the most out

computer hardware repair

iQ Hardware Repair

iQ Hardware Repair fixes problems inside your computer. We repair

Computer Repair Services

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IT Computer Support for Small Business

Computer Repair Near You

Are you looking for computer services? iQ offers business computer repair services. Get computer repair in Bowie Maryland. Depend on us for tech issues.

Small Business Computer Services

Small businesses such as dental offices need computer maintenance. Securing your sensitive company files is vital. How can you help customers when your computer freezes? Protect your client's online privacy. Stop wasting cash on technology disasters. Computer repair and cybersecurity services are key.

Personal Computer Services

Computer problems can be scary. Work from home means you rely on your computer to make a living. You must have a solid computer. Ask us about laptop repairs. Get online support when you are stuck at home. iQ Computer Services corrects hardware and software issues. Read our testimonials page to learn why people keep coming back.

Reasons to choose iQ Computer Services

  • Stop wasting money on preventable computer breakdowns
  • Spend less time without your computer
  • Flat rates support fast work 
  • Feel good supporting minority/ veteran small business

Does waiting solve your computer problem?

Ben Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Would you drive your car and never change the oil? Computers need regular service and repair. Act before something goes wrong. Small tech issues often snowball into big ones. Our trained IT experts help you with:
Return to your digital life sooner. Not ready to come in? Contact iQ Computer Services for a free phone consult today.

Business IT Solutions

Custom IT Solutions

Tailored solutions fit your business. Choose flat monthly or per project pricing. Why overspend for a one size fits all package with the other guys?

Complete Network Protection

Block the hackers out of your network. Keep your business files safe.  Match computer support services to your business needs.

iQ Computer Services can help you:


  • Build a secure network
  • Fix Windows Operating System errors
  • Defend against network attacks with network firewall
  • Repair broken laptop screens
  • Help your computer won't turn on
  • Keep your files safe with backups
  • Unlock the computer when you forget the password
  • Give computer support on call
  • Fix email and software bugs