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Check Up PC – Computer Diagnostic

Computer Diagnostic Your computer is not working and you wonder

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Network Support

Network support services restore access. Get an IT pro to

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Liquid Spill Help

A liquid spill on your laptop is a nightmare. Coffee

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Computer Tech Support

Get fast computer technical support for software problems. A friendly

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iQ Virus Blaster – Virus Removal Service

Virus Removal Service Remove viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, keyloggers.

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Backup PC

Protect your priceless, photos, music, videos, documents. Keep vital business

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Operating System Install Service

iQ Operating System Install helps you get the most out

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iQ Hardware Repair

iQ Hardware Repair fixes your computer. We repair your cracked

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IT Computer Support for Small Business

Computer Repair Near Me

Are you looking for computer services? Get computer repair services in Bowie, Maryland. Depend on us for your tech issues.

Small Business Computer Services

Small businesses such as dental offices and law firms need computer maintenance. Securing your sensitive company files is vital. How can you help customers when your computer freezes? Look no further, iQ offers business computer repair services. Protect your client's online privacy. Stop wasting cash on technology disasters. Computer repair and cybersecurity services are critical.

Personal Computer Services

Computer problems can be scary. Working from home means you rely on your computer to make a living therefore, you must have a solid computer. Ask us about laptop repairs. Get online support when you are stuck at home. iQ Computer Services corrects hardware and software issues. Please read our testimonials page to learn why people keep coming back.

Reasons to choose iQ Computer Services

Stop wasting money on preventable computer breakdowns

Spend less time without your computer

Flat Rates support fast work

Support Black-Owned/ Veteran Small Business

Does waiting solve your computer problem?

Ben Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Would you drive your car and never change the oil? Computers need regular service and repair with this in mind; you must act before something goes wrong. Small tech issues often snowball into big ones. Our trained IT experts help you with:

Computer Repair

Data Recovery

Remote support

IT Security

Computer Virus Removal

Gaming PC Building/ Repair

Return to your digital life sooner. Not ready to make your appointment? Contact iQ Computer Services for a free phone consult today.


Business IT Solutions

Custom IT Solutions

To begin with, iQ offers tailored solutions that fit your business. Choose flat monthly or per-project pricing. Why overspend for a one size fits all package with the other guys?

Complete Network Protection

Block the hackers out of your network and keep your business files safe. Most importantly, match computer support services to your business needs.

iQ Computer Services can help you:


  • Build a secure network
  • Fix Windows Operating System errors
  • Defend against network attacks with a network firewall
  • Repair broken laptop screens
  • Help your computer won't turn on
  • Keep your files safe with backups
  • Unlock the computer when you forget the password
  • Give computer support on call
  • Fix email and software bugs

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Mary Frances Lebamoff

Would Certainly Call Them Again Should I Need Computer Support!

Marcus and Kaela of IQ Computer Svcs, Bowie, were truly wonderful. They understood the urgency since I'm working from home, and when my desktop "died", that's where all my work was. Once I got another desktop (the next day), they took over with file transfers, removal of the SSD from old computer/installation to new computer, and, once on-site at my home, also ensured my older UPS, which was failing, was replaced. Marcus took the time to patiently check everything out, and since I can't crawl under my desk to connect "stuff", took care of that, too. I am very grateful for their help and am pleased I discovered them! I was especially pleased that they handled recycling the "old stuff", too. I highly recommend and would certainly call them again should I need computer support (and I'm hoping I won't need it, frankly!) Thank you, everyone, at IQ Computer Services of Bowie!

Mary Frances Lebamoff
Ike Obizuo customer review

Extremely Fast

Marcus helped me get rid of the virus on my computer. He was extremely fast and very nice. Definitely recommend for anybody in the area

Ike Obizuo
Daria-Ann Martineau

Software And Spyware

Marcus was so accommodating and responsive. He was very quick to diagnose the issues with my laptop and ensure my software and spyware was up to date. His prices were also more than fair. I will happily use IQ computer services again.

Daria-Ann Martineau
Marguerite Russell

On-Site Service

IQCS performed work on-site in my home following COVID-19 protocol. They arrived on time, installed and configured my new desktop, transferred data from the old system, wiped it clean, and removed it for disposal. I had received other quotes from companies that were not offering to provide the comprehensive support that IQCS did. I'm very pleased! Thank you, IQCS.

Marguerite Russell
Jay Townsend

High Level Of Expertise

After a Microsoft automatic update corrupted my Windows 10 virtual machine (running on my Mac), I tried a bunch of self-help solutions I found searching online forums and got nowhere after nearly a week. I was panicking and at a loss for where to turn for local IT support for my small business since very few IT support folks are familiar with Macs and virtual machines. After some online research, I discovered IQ Computer Services and reached out via their website. I received a prompt response and after confirming that they were able to support my particular issue, I scheduled an appointment for remote support. I was thrilled with the response time, the level of expertise, and the ability to communicate with me in a patient and jargon-free manner throughout the remote session. They also checked up on me several times during the following week to make sure that everything was running again as it should.

Jay Townsend
Tia Daems

Virus Removal

I had issues with slow performance and had a virus I tried removing myself. It seemed the virus was removed but it kept coming back right after I removed it so I took my computer to get looked at. Marcus was able to get the virus permanently removed and hooked me up with a great price for virus removal software.

Tia Daems
Deion Baker

MacBook Repair

I came to IQ Computer services by word of mouth from a happy customer in a family member. I would recommend anyone needing MacBook repairs to go to IQ computer services as opposed to the apple store. The outlook was bleak with the estimate I got for my sustained liquid damages at the apple store and I was seriously considering replacing rather than repairing. It was reassuring to know once I got my diagnostics done at IQ computer services that I'd be able to keep my current MacBook and get a new keyboard, touch pad and charger. Marcus was very knowledgeable and professional in conducting my repairs. I would recommend IQ computer services to anyone and I will be back (knock on wood) if I ever have any other computer repair issues. My laptop feels as good as new now! Awesome!

Deion Baker

IQ Computer Services Is The Best

IQ Computer Services Is The Best! Nick with IQ COMPUTER SERVICES IS THE BEST. He kept working my problem until resolved. Everything was done remotely which made it easy and faster than waiting for a home visit. I will be glad to respond to any question? Oh, the price was more than reasonable! Thanks again Nick, your the man.

Ray Kelly
Robert Conover

Corrupted Operating System Fixed

I had a laptop with a corrupted OS after installing a Windows Update. I spent hours fighting with it but gave up. I reached out to Marcus and he not only fixed my laptop, he provided me with a recovery disk while I waited. I only got halfway through a magazine article and the work was done. A bargain at twice the price. FIVE STARS!

Robert Conover
Elizabeth B

I’d Definitely Go Again!

When my screen fuzzed-out, then wouldn't start, I panicked. Luckily, Marcus was able to get my beloved MSI laptop back in working order in just 24 hours. He kept me updated on the problem through text and calls, then told me what had happened (a graphics card driver update issue) so that I could prevent it from happening again. I'd definitely go again!

Elizabeth B
gary mead

Very Fair Prices

This was my first experience with IQ Computer Services. They were outstanding in every way. Easy to understand for a non-techie like myself, helpful, listen to customer, and very fair prices. If the need arises, I would definitely use them in the future.

Gary Mead
Kimberly Richmond

Literally The BEST Ever!!!

Literally the BEST ever!!! Called Marcus up in a panic when I spilled a glass of wine on my macbook laptop and completely fried my keyboard. I needed it fixed ASAP and he delivered. He went above and beyond and ordered parts (overnight) from out of town to get my laptop back to me the next day. Just in time for a business trip I was taking where I NEEDED my laptop. Not only is Marcus courteous, professional and completely on the ball ... he also goes the extra mile. He had one of his techs come by my house to pick up my laptop. I would enthusiastically recommend IQ Computer Services to everyone I know!!

Kimberly Richmond
hard drive problem - mary riley

Hard Drive

Marcus had expert knowledge of computers. He did confirm my desktop computer had "died". He took out the hard drive and wiped it. I had him come to my home so he could connect other computer equipment and to show me how to navigate. First, IQ computer services was very responsive. Visited my home the next morning. The customer service and computer services was outstanding. Thank you Marcus!

Mary Riley

Go To Person

Marcus with IQ Computer Services has been my go to person for a number of years now, he has serviced three desktop computers in my home remotely which was very helpful not having to carry my equipment to a shop outside, I also purchased a laptop from IQ Computer Services that he personally installed software that was instrumental in performing certain tasks that I needed, there are times when we all need to fix something on our computers, whether it be a simple adjustment/tune-up or a major repair, it could be that you only need to upgrade or install a virus protection...What ever the case may be' Marcus Reed is your man, his prices are very reasonable and fair and I do not believe that you will find a more dependable, qualified and knowledgeable Computer Guy.

Gene Ferrell
Tiffany Jordan

Virus Removed In Less Than 30 Minutes

I had an awesome experience! The viruses that were invading my laptop were removed in less than 30 minutes and it's a plus that he can remote in and fix your problems without you having to leave the comfort of your home. I recommend anyone having computer issues to give IQ Computer Services a call!

Tiffany Jordan

Available 24 Hours

Marcus was very professional in delivering services. He allow the process of selecting, ordering, delivering and setting up a computer and a printer to be a very smooth process for me. He made himself available for various questions and he was very patient when it came to trouble shooting. When ever I am in need of technical support, he is always available within 24 hours.

Dr.Joanne Frederick Jefferson

Custom Computer Build

Having my old computer maintained and repaired by Marcus at IQ Computer Services, it was the obvious choice to go to him when it finally shut down for the final time. Unable to revive my old workstation because of a crashed motherboard, I decided to ask Marcus to build me a new one. I trusted his expertise, and I didn’t want to deal with buying a new p.c. at a store. He built me an incredible system that meets more than all of my needs. I’m overjoyed with its performance thus far, and its upkeep will forever be maintained by IQ Computer Services. IQ also provides just about any computer component you need. I will be a customer for as long as I have computer needs.

Mick B
Marie Bell

If Its Broken Than Marcus And The IQ Computer Services Team NEEDS To Fix It.

Hello if its broken than Marcus and the IQ Computer Services team NEEDS to fix it. I was introduced to Marcus by my son who also knew someone who had Marcus repair a crack computer screen. For me first impressions counts. It tells me how the outcome of whatever business etc. is going to turn out. Marcus and the IQ Computer Service team fixed my computer issues RIGHT the first time. I was having issues with my hard drive and slow performance. Marcus diagnosed the issue upon speaking with him. My computer was fixed right, in a timely manner and at a great cost. I highly recommend Marcus and the IQ Computer Services to diagnose and fix all your computer needs right the FIRST time.

Marie Bell
Cherlyn Jenkins

I Will Definitely Use Them For My Computer Needs

My son picked many of the keys off my laptop. They were able to order my keyboard and called me the day they got it. I dropped off my laptop for two hours and had it back good as new. Not only was the service great, but it cost 1/3 less than estimates from other places. I will definitely use them for my computer needs.

Cherlyn Jenkins
Mick Butler

The Pricing For All Of This Was Incredibly Affordable.

I bought my computer from someone who custom-built it. It had every program that I needed to do graphic design work and had many files that I had yet to transfer to storage. It was an incredible workhorse. Then one night, inexplicably, my workhorse of a computer simply stopped working. It would not even connect to the monitor. Fearing the worst, I found IQ Computer services and resigned myself to perhaps having my data recovered at best. I found hope, however, in some of the reviews, I read on Yahoo. So, I dropped off my modem and hoped for the best. A couple of days later I received a phone call that not only was my data intact but that my computer was up and running. Marcus was able to clear the system of viruses, as well as getting it to run faster, and the service was fast and friendly. The pricing for all of this was incredibly affordable. I recommend IQ Computer services for all of your computer service issues.

Mick Butler