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iQ Computer Services provides laptop repair services near you. When your laptop computer is not working, give us a call. Our computer technicians will get it back up and running fast again. If you are in a rush, ask us about providing same-day laptop repair.

Need Laptop Help

Laptop problems show up in many ways. A software or hardware issue could stop you from using your laptop. Wondering what the problem is frustrating. The sooner you bring the computer in, the faster we can help you. Don’t let the problem get worse. Here are some common issues that can arise:

Laptop Won’t Turn On

Did your laptop stop turning on? It takes an expert to determine the reason. It could be a lousy laptop battery, power jack, or power button. Your AC adapter power cord might be the problem. Try a few things at home when your laptop doesn’t power on. Then, come to our laptop repair shop to get your computer fixed.

Failing Hard Drive

Does your laptop run very slowly? Does it take a long time to start up or shut down? This is a typical hard drive problem. Let us test your laptop’s hard drive. File corruption, bad sectors, and hardware failure can cause your computer to crash. The good news is that we can replace your hard drive, and then your computer will work again. Our Data recovery service is available to recover your lost files.

Laptop Motherboard Repair

Does your laptop cut off on its own? Strange beeping noises and blinking lights are bad. When your computer’s motherboard fails, we fix or replace it. Sometimes, there is a bad connection on the motherboard. There might be something wrong with the CPU. Our computer tech checks USB ports and other connectors on the motherboard. Get our expert advice about whether you should repair or replace your laptop.

Broken Laptop

You don’t have to trash your laptop after dropping or breaking it. Most broken laptops are repairable for less than buying a new laptop. Let us find the broken computer parts and replace them—iQ repairs laptop hinges, case bottoms, keyboards, and palm rests. 

Broken Laptop Screen

It can be hard to work on a cracked laptop screen. Your child stepped on your laptop. Did you drop it? We can fix your broken laptop screen. Signs of a broken laptop screen include flickering, weird lines, and strange colors. You may wonder how much it costs to replace the laptop screen. Our laptop screen repair prices are budget-friendly.

Blue Screen Error

The Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD, occurs when Windows crashes. If your computer crashes and shows a blue screen error message, you need help. Frustrated by trying to fix your laptop yourself by watching YouTube videos? Get your laptop working right again at our laptop repair shop.

Sound Not Working

Fixing the sound on your computer allows you to listen to music. There are many possible reasons the speakers stopped working. You may have hardware or software issues. Don’t jump to the conclusion that your laptop is trash without performing troubleshooting. Sometimes, it’s a quick and simple fix. Check your sound settings and volume. Restart the computer. Finally, if you still need help, contact iQ for a laptop diagnostic.

Camera Stopped Working

How do you use your webcam? It’s annoying when you start a video call, but the camera doesn’t work. Sometimes, updates make your camera fail. Don’t worry. iQ helps you with your laptop webcam.

Gaming Laptop Repair

Fast gaming laptop repair service gets you back to enjoying life. Whether running Steam on your Asus ROG or playing GTA5 on your Alienware laptop,  iQ fixes sluggish response crashes. Upgrade your RAM so you can keep up with high-demand new games.

Overheating Laptop

Is your laptop hot to the touch or shuts off? Dust can clog your laptop’s internal fan and prevent proper cooling, causing the CPU thermal paste to wear out over time. Left untreated, this will destroy your laptop. When your graphics card is overheating, you might see a black screen. At this point, bring your laptop in so iQ can fix it!

Liquid Spill on Keyboard

Did you spill coffee or water on your laptop keyboard? Promptly turn it off and unplug it. Then give us a call right away because waiting can inflict more damage. Missing keys and sticky keys are a pain. Unfortunately, it could be damaged if your keyboard does not respond properly. Get a laptop repair service to replace your laptop keyboard.

How to Get Laptop Support

Our operating hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please send us a picture of your computer problem via text or email. You should also send the computer serial number, make, and model. That gives us a head start on research. Please fill out our Check-in form before you arrive. Enjoy a smooth laptop repair process.
Cherlyn Jenkins

I Will Definitely Use Them For My Computer Needs

My son picked many of the keys off my laptop. They were able to order my keyboard and called me the day they got it. I dropped off my laptop for two hours and had it back good as new. Not only was the service great, but it cost 1/3 less than estimates from other places. I will definitely use them for my computer needs.

Cherlyn Jenkins
Elizabeth B

I’d Definitely Go Again!

When my screen fuzzed-out, then wouldn't start, I panicked. Luckily, Marcus was able to get my beloved MSI laptop back in working order in just 24 hours. He kept me updated on the problem through text and calls, then told me what had happened (a graphics card driver update issue) so that I could prevent it from happening again. I'd definitely go again!

Elizabeth B
Daria-Ann Martineau

Software And Spyware

Marcus was so accommodating and responsive. He was very quick to diagnose the issues with my laptop and ensure my software and spyware was up to date. His prices were also more than fair. I will happily use IQ computer services again.

Daria-Ann Martineau

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