remote computer support

 Remote Computer Support is your best repair option!

Has your computer suddenly had an error in the middle of an important task? On top of that, you don’t have time to travel to a computer repair shop to have it fixed.

We Have Your Computer Solution

iQ Computer Services offers a remote computer support service to fix your computer problems, without leaving the comforts of home. Online computer repair service means getting immediate assistance. We connect to your computer through the internet. IT problems arise for anyone with a computer. These problems waste valuable time and money. Small businesses can’t afford to waste money. Remote computer support is a great way to keep your technology updated and running at best.

Top Reasons To Choose Remote PC Help

Repairing a computer remotely features many unique benefits.

Fast and time-saving

If your computer is acting up, remote support is much faster than having a technician go onsite. Our remote technicians start working on your issues in a matter of minutes. It does not require time-consuming travel. iQ Computer Services offers an emergency response in less than an hour.


In the past, every problem required a site visit from a computer repair technician. Remote computer services lower costs. Savings are passed along to you. 


Online computer repair eliminates the need to lug equipment across town. All you have to do is contact us, sit back and let iQ Computer Services do the rest of the work while you relax.


Remote desktop support solves 90% of computer issues. Our remote computer technicians are very knowledgeable. They make troubleshooting high speed. Well-trained techs understand and handle your concerns.

Secure Remote Access

The connections use strong encryption. iQ Computer Services solves computer problems using the latest remote access software. 

Spend less time worrying about IT problems. Instead, focus on top priorities. Contact iQ today.