remote computer support

Remote Computer Support is the Answer

Has your computer had an error that stopped you? Traveling to a computer repair shop takes time. The answer is remote computer repair service.

Online Computer Repair

Remote computer support service is for you. Fix your computer problems while enjoying the comforts of home. Online computer repair service means getting instant help. We connect to you through the Internet. Kiss your computer problems goodbye.

5 Reasons to Pick Remote PC Help


These problems waste your time. Save time. Remote support is fast. Don’t wait for a technician to come out. Our remote help starts working on your issues in minutes. Forget about time-consuming travel. Emergency response time is under an hour.


In the past, every problem needed a costly home visit. Small businesses can’t afford to waste money. Times have changed. Remote computer services lower costs. Keep the savings in your pocket.


Online computer repair removes the need to lug gear across town. Contact us, sit back and relax. We do the rest.


Remote desktop support solves 90% of computer issues. Our experts fix it right. They track down the cause of the issue. Leave your concerns with us.

Secure Remote Access

The remote link uses strong encryption. iQ takes over to fix it using remote access software.

Spend less time worrying about IT problems. Instead, focus on top priorities. Contact iQ today.

Venice Kane

If You’re Having Trouble, Call IQ. Trust Me…You Will Be Satisfied.

Having computer trouble is so frustrating, especially when you are busy and have work school and business deadlines. It's so reassuring to have a tech that is available and affordable to remotely clear up the tech madness so that you can get back to work. If you’re having trouble, call IQ. Trust me…you will be satisfied.

Venice Kane

IQ Computer Services Is The Best

IQ Computer Services Is The Best! Nick with IQ COMPUTER SERVICES IS THE BEST. He kept working my problem until resolved. Everything was done remotely which made it easy and faster than waiting for a home visit. I will be glad to respond to any question? Oh, the price was more than reasonable! Thanks again Nick, your the man.

Ray Kelly