information security

Information Technology Security

Information technology security is about protecting computer systems and networks from external and internal threats. Intruders or unauthorized persons are trying to gain access to your computer, server or database. They install viruses, trojans and steal your company details and customer information. IT security services drastically reduces your risk. We'll block these threats for you.

What to Expect From Information Technology Security Services

Expect attention to detail from our quality IT services. You need a firewall for packet inspection of your network traffic. We set up protection hardware and settings for your server and network. Need to prevent vital information from leaking? Get IT security service to safeguard your information.

IT services professionals find hidden back doors, bots, viruses, and malware within your business computers. We remove these threats, while configuring firewalls and security measures to prevent them from returning in the future.

Cyber Security

Cyber criminals threaten your company. You might be unsure of how information technology works. The data within your databases and emails is like diamonds for hackers. How can your business protect vital information without the proper security measures? Did you know consumer-level security software does not catch advanced threats and new malware targeting small business? Risk lies with the internet. Multiple devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets are connected to your network. You have vulnerabilities. Let's close those gaps with IT security services. We secure all information within the system, even when you need remote access. 

The Cost of Failing to Act

A data breach due to a hack costs your business thousands of dollars in fines, lost records, bad publicity, and lost customer confidence. The government can charge you with negligence. Clients can bring law suits for the breach. Without IT security services, it's only a matter of time before something to happens to your company. Why not start protecting your information today?

Be in control of your company IT security

Speak with iQ Computer Services to find out how we can provide you with the IT security that fits your needs. Feel confident about being able to do business, without leaking any important information. Call us today!