Phillip Dorsett

Glad to have found this business.

Glad to have found this business. After Asurion and Best Buy failed or otherwise wanted to charge more for less quality, I found Marcus' company on Yelp and gave them a try. Within 2 days (earlier than promised) he called me to let me know my repairs/upgrades were completed and even gave me a heads up about an unrelated issue that wasn't on my radar. The computer now works better than when I first got it and I am a happy customer. Always glad to find a local small business that delivers what was promised and provides good service on top of that.
- Russel Kemp April 10, 2024
Phillip Dorsett

Friendly, Professional, and Fast – Marcus is Your Go-To for Computer Repairs!

Marcus was so friendly and professional! He fixed my Lenovo laptop charge port in 24 hours and now it’s as good as new! I’m going back next time I have a comp problem, I hope not too soon!
- Natalie Howe February 17, 2024
Phillip Dorsett

Exceptional Service and Expert Repairs - Marcus Delivers Every Time!

Marcus is Awesome! 10/10 Customer service all around. He did awesome work on my PC. He also helped fix my gaming laptop, which was overheating when playing games.
- Sydney Morrison February 16, 2024
Phillip Dorsett

Quick, efficient, and personalized computer service you can trust.

Extremely easy process to drop off computer. Marcus was able to diagnose and resolve my computer issue quickly and kept me up to date on the status. Small business, highly suggest to use instead of a big brand company.

- Justin Racadio January 25, 2024

Phillip Dorsett

Professional Service – Your Go-To Computer Experts!

I’m a computer guy that makes my living working on a computer and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong with my personal laptop. They did it! They got my gaming laptop functioning at TOP performance! I couldn’t be happier with their service. Professional and convenient. They’ll be my, “computer guy” going forward! Check them out!

- Christopher Lyman November 3, 2023

Phillip Dorsett

Exceptional Repairs and Service Beyond Expectations – IQ Computer Delivers!

IQ Computer repaired two laptops for me. They did an excellent job at a reasonable price. They even went the extra mile to do some cleaning and replacement of missing screws that were not included in the work order. I couldn't be more pleased.

- Mark Butterfield August 23, 2023

Mick Butler

Marcus has been my computer guy for several years now

Marcus has been my computer guy for several years now. In fact, he built my current pc over 7 years ago. With periodic checkups at IQ Computer services it has been running as strong as it was the day it was made.
Thanks Marcus, IQ will always be my one stop shop for all of my computer needs.
- Mick Butler January 4, 2023
Phillip Dorsett

Fast, Responsive, and Above-and-Beyond Service – IQ Services Revives Your Tech!

My trusty laptop of 7 years was starting to die on me, and I desperately needed it to be repaired ASAP. IQ Services reached out so fast after I had put out a request on Yelp, and then they even picked it up from me! Marcus was a gem and helped send over some files that I wasn't able to back up before handing him my laptop. He definitely went above and beyond. He was extremely responsive, and I got my laptop back and sheeee isss looking cutee!!! It's like I have a brand-new lapto

- Ann Nguyen March 17, 2023

Luisito T.
Phillip Dorsett

Quick Turn Around at A Fair Price.

Called them on Wednesday, made an appointment for Thursday. Marcus came by and picked up the laptop. Friday he came by and returned it. Is that fast or what! Highly recommend calling them. Great service is hard to come by these days. Quick turn around at a fair price.
- Luisito T.  September 24, 2022

I will be returning for more services in the future.

I had a great experience using this local computer repair business! Marcus got my laptop back up and running after thoroughly cleaning the internals, applying new thermal paste to the components and ordering a replacement charger. Great communication, fast turn around time and I thought their prices were very very fair! I will be returning for more services in the future.
- Phillip Dorsett Feburary 14 2022
Josh Little

College Student friendly price!

UMD students, I would highly suggest trying this place out. I had cracked my laptop screen (HP Envy) and it was past its warranty (which sucked). I looked around for a bit and didn't see any place close that looked reliable. I was initially going to use UBreakIFix, but they were a COMPLETE ripoff. Marcus was able to replace my screen and do the work for a much more college student friendly price. It's worth checking this small business out!
- Josh Little January 6 2022
Ken Rholl

Fast, Friendly and Professional Service

Have used IQ Computer Services 3 separate times for vexing problems I couldn't handle myself. Every time they have delivered fast, friendly and professional service. Computer this time was locked up right before Christmas. Marcus actually picked up the box and had it up and running in one day. Thanks guys!!!

- Ken Rholl December 22 2021

Doug Dearie

Highly Responsive and Communicated Clearly

After installing a new had drive and being unable to get it to work, I contacted Marcus at IQ Computer Services. He was able to diagnose that my brand new drive was DOA. He then installed a different new drive, and reinstalled Windows, All of this was done around the Thanksgiving holiday and very quickly. Marcus was highly responsive and communicated clearly in all of our interactions. IQ charged a fair price for the service. Recommended!

- Doug Dearie December 3 2021

Jon Youngdahl

Fast, Friendly and Professional Service

Marcus came to our rescue after we purchased a new computer. Because we went from Windows 7 to Windows 11, we had no idea how to find where our files were etc. Marcus was very patient and showed us what to do. It did take a few appointments to get everything set but Marcus is always available by phone if you have a question. IQ is the best in house computer service we have ever received.

- Jon Youngdahl December 1 2021

Bob Ogrodnik

Gaming PC

I'm very happy with the support as they optimized my gaming PC for much better performance.

- Bob Ogrodnik October 19 2021

Edmund Rennolds

An incredible relief to find honest, competent help.

Marcus and his team have the expertise of brain surgeons in dealing with computers and Iphones. It is is an incredible relief to find honest, competent help in this technological jungle we live in. I had 60K photos from a once in a lifetime cruise to Antarctica on my Iphone 11. I foolishly had not backed them up, and then the phone suddenly locked up without warning. That meant it would power and light up but would not grant me access, much less allow me to copy the photos. The Apple technicians said I was out of luck. They could reset the phone but that would obliterate the photos. With previous models of the IPhone one could apparently retrieve the data in such a situation, but in its infinite wisdom the Apple strategists decided to make this process nearly impossible with the IPhone 11. So I was screwed, and Apple could have cared less. But Marcus had access to sophisticated consultants who were able to save my photos. I will be loyal and grareful customer for LIFE.

- Edmund Rennolds September 27 2021

Kathrine Valltos

Exceptional Service and Support

IQ Computer Services provides exceptional service and support. The team recently provided an update to my virus protection software to protect against ransomware breeches. They were efficient, responsive and fairly priced. Overall, an outstanding customer experience!

- Kathrine Valltos September 22 2021

bruce mosley

Five stars

Very friendly over the phone. Fixed my computer pretty quick. Seem like great, fair people. Five stars

- Taylor Borie September 16 2021

bruce mosley

IQ found Viruses and returned my Lap Top to normal.

When found IQ I needed a fast fix for activities from a fake Norton Security LifeLock connected to my Lap Top. They connected to my Lap Top to give to me a refund. The refund was $360. I have allowed Norton one time before access my Lap Top to fix a problem. By mistake they entered $3600 and told to me I need to give to them the difference from my Bank Account. I turned off my Lap Top. When I turned on my Lap Top hey changed my Password so that I could not Log on.
IQ found Viruses and returned my Lap Top to normal.
I Roguekiller Anti-Malware (Free) 64 bI Roguekiller Anti-Malware (Free) 64 bits
RogueKiller Anti-Malware

- Bruce Mosley September 2 2021

Maryam Samad

Extremely professional

Marcus and IQ has always come to my rescue especially at a moment's notice. I have worked with Marcus for the past decade and he has always taken the time to explain the problem/solution and get my computer back to be promptly. Although the company has moved a little farther away from Alexandria, that will not deter me from continuing to use his services. The people I have referred to him have also been very content with his work and prices. Extremely professional, friendly and I highly recommend his company for any business or personal IT solutions and repairs.
- Maryam Samad August 28 2021
Dagmawi Yemesgen


Maybe it's because of the low standards I took my laptop to prior, I thought my issue was unfixable. These guys actually fixed up my laptop ( electrical and Ram issue) over the weekend! Lifesavers for a CS major trying to get his computer repaired a week before classes.
- Dagmawi Yemesgen August 16 2021
Mary Frances Lebamoff

Would certainly call them again should I need computer support!

Marcus and Kaela of IQ Computer Svcs, Bowie, were truly wonderful. They understood the urgency since I'm working from home, and when my desktop "died", that's where all my work was. Once I got another desktop (the next day), they took over with file transfers, removal of the SSD from old computer/installation to new computer, and, once on-site at my home, also ensured my older UPS, which was failing, was replaced. Marcus took the time to patiently check everything out, and since I can't crawl under my desk to connect "stuff", took care of that, too. I am very grateful for their help and am pleased I discovered them! i was especially pleased that they handled recycling the "old stuff", too. I highly recommend and would certainly call them again should I need computer support (and I'm hoping I won't need it, frankly!) Thank you, everyone at IQ Computer Services of Bowie!
- Mary Frances Lebamoff July 24 2021
Mary Ginevra

I recommend IQ Computer Services for sure

Marcus Reed was highly competent and helpful. My laptop got fried by lightning. Plus I needed to get Ubuntu removed. I needed help with scanning. To top it off, I was able to get access to 2 old floppy disks of mine. Marcus guided me patiently through the steps involved in scanning. I recommend IQ Computer Services for sure.
- Mary Ginevra July 12 2021
Jan Wessling

HP Laptop computer

Excellent resource for repair of my HP laptop computer...looked at the laptop right away, diagnosed problem quickly, made repair on-time and on-budget...highly recommend IQ to anyone and everyone...
- Jan Wessling July 9 2021
Ike Obizou

Extremely Fast

Marcus helped me get rid of my virus on my computer. He was extremely fast and very nice. Definitely recommend for anybody in the area
- Ike Obizuo Jun 31 2021

Daria-Ann Martineau

Software and Spyware

Marcus was so accommodating and responsive. He was very quick to diagnose the issues with my laptop and ensure my software and spyware was up to date. His prices were also more than fair. I will happily use IQ computer services again.
- Daria-Ann Martineau Jun 22 2021

Tracy Yetzer

Power Port

I was having issues with the power port on my Asus laptop. Marcus was able to identify the problem and provided me a quote. The issue was fixed and I'm pleased with the service. I would do business with this company again for future repairs.
- Tracy Yetzer Jun 5 2021

Gladys Kirschner

Very professional, Knowledgeable, and Friendly

I had a really great experience with IQ Computer Services. They were able to help me get my computer back up and running in no time at all. The staff was also very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I would recommend them for any of your IT needs!
- Gladys Kirschner May 26 2021

Shawn Jackson

Same Service-Better Price

I found this company on yelp after going to both Best Buy and Microcenter and they offered the same service that i needed AND at a better price. They were quick and professional. Would definitely recommend.
- Shawn Jackson May 20 2021

Jacob Dodds

Could not have asked for better service!

Their response time and work time was unbelievable. Highly recommend this company for all your computer needs. Could not have asked for better service!
- Jacob Dodds Mar 18 2021

Christina Grunstra

Response time and Work time was Unbelievable

Could not have asked for better service! Their response time and work time was unbelievable. Marcus kept me up to date as to the work being done on my computer and the cost was very reasonable. Highly recommend this company for all your computer needs.
- Christina Grunstra Feb 14 2021

Frederick Makinde

Great experience

Great experience working with Marcus. Will definitely be recommending them to my colleagues.
- Frederick Makinde Jan 4 2021

Marguerite Russell

On-Site Service

IQCS performed work on-site in my home following COVID-19 protocol. They arrived on time, installed and configured my new desktop, transferred data from the old system, wiped it clean and removed it for disposal. I had received other quotes from companies that were not offering to provide the comprehensive support that IQCS did. I'm very pleased! Thank you, IQCS.
- Marguerite Russell Dec 10 2020

Gloria Constant

The repair cost was reasonable, the service quick and the customer service excellent.

Discovered IQ Computer Services from a Internet search and selected them after seeing favorable reviews. My laptop froze prior to an important meeting, I went directly to their location after the meeting. I handed them my laptop and it was fixed a couple of days later. The repair cost was reasonable, the service quick and the customer service excellent. I am using them again because I have a keyboard issue. Using them is still cheaper than purchasing a new laptop.
- Gloria Constant March 12, 2018
Nguyen N

Fair Price

Excellent service with fair price. They fixed my laptop in 2 days. I ran into some issues shutting down my computer the day after. They immediately reached out to check. 100% would recommend.
- Nguyen N October 27 2020

Timothy Amussen

I was very pleased with the service I received from IQ Computer Services.

I was very pleased with the service I received from IQ Computer Services. The repaired my Tower quickly and efficiently. Lastly, they even picked up the unit from my apt, as I do not drive. When finished, I expected to get someone to take me to their shop and get my system. Instead, the had already planned on delivering to my apt. Works faster now than it did before, as they suggested I upgrade to a more powerful liquid cooler fro my i7 CPU. Thanks again.
- Timothy Amussen 5 Years Ago
Jay Townsend

High Level of Expertise

After a Microsoft automatic update corrupted my Windows 10 virtual machine (running on my Mac), I tried a bunch of self-help solutions I found searching online forums and got nowhere after nearly a week. I was panicking and at a loss for where to turn for local IT support for my small business since very few IT support folks are familiar with Macs and virtual machines. After some online research, I discovered IQ Computer Services and reached out via their website.

I received a prompt response and after confirming that they were able to support my particular issue, I scheduled an appointment for remote support. I was thrilled with the response time, the level of expertise, and the ability to communicate with me in a patient and jargon-free manner throughout the remote session. They also checked up on me several times during the following week to make sure that everything was running again as it should.
- Jay Townsend September 26 2020

Tia Daems

Virus Removal

I had issues with slow performance and had a virus I tried removing myself. It seemed the virus was removed but it kept coming back right after I removed it so I took my computer to get looked at. Marcus was able to get the virus permanently removed and hooked me up with a great price for virus removal software.
- Tia Daems August 11 2020

Leah Scott

Brand New Feel

Would most definitely recommend services from IQ Computer Services!!! After going through hp several time to have my computer fixed with no success and at the point of giving up ! A friend recommended me, my computer feels brand new!! I’m happy to have my computer. Thank you so much - Leah Scott July 16 2020

Amber Brooks


Highly recommended!! Very professional!
- Amber Brooks April 12 2020

Ryan Van Campen

System Issue

Marcus was great. I was in town for work and he helped me fix the issues with my system. Thank you!
- Ryan Van Campen April 12 2020

Jessie Walls

Broke Laptop Screen

Marcus was on time, he fixed my broken laptop screen, and just seems to be an all-around great guy.
He told me that if I had any other questions to give him a call, he just really seems to enjoy doing his job and he's really good at it.
I definitely recommend, and I will be using him again.
- Jessie Walls April 12 2020

Ricketta Morton

I absolutely loved this business!

I absolutely loved this business! They got my computer back in the one day as promised. I still was able to save all my documents. Marcus was very professional and kind and payment was easily done. Thank you so much for bring my Dell back out of retirement. she's just like new! I will definitely be back for the virus protection software he recommended. Thanks so much IQ Computers!
- Ricketta Morton 6 Years Ago
Miranda Cauthorn

Great Customer Service

I would definitely recommend IQ Computer Services. Marcus is very professional, and the customer service is great!
- Miranda Cauthorn April 12 2020

Michael Chong

MacBook Pro Keyboard

Walked-in for a minor issue with my keyboard on my Macbook Pro and got it back  in two days. I was happy with the repair and have found no issues with my machine, but what's holding me back from a 5-star review was that I was told the total cost would be much less than what I was originally told. Would have appreciated a high-ball instead of a low one but I will be going back to Marcus for my future computer repair needs.
- Michael Chong July 23 2019

Top Notch

IQ Computer Services is Top Notch! Fast turn-around times, reasonable prices, and friendly honest service! Thanks Marcus!
Eric Trismen April 16 2019

Reasonable Prices

Had my MacBook Pro repaired. Reasonable price and very quick turnaround. Professional and friendly service.
-Philip Sayre April 12 2019
Deion Baker

MacBook Repair

I came to IQ Computer services by word of mouth from a happy customer in a family member. I would recommend anyone needing MacBook repairs to go to IQ computer services as opposed to the apple store. The outlook was bleak with the estimate I got for my sustained liquid damages at the apple store and I was seriously considering replacing rather than repairing. It was reassuring to know once I got my diagnostics done at IQ computer services that I'd be able to keep my current MacBook and get a new keyboard, touch pad and charger. Marcus was very knowledgeable and professional in conducting my repairs. I would recommend IQ computer services to anyone and I will be back (knock on wood) if I ever have any other computer repair issues. My laptop feels as good as new now! Awesome! -
-Deion Baker April 15 2019
Roxan De Leo

All for under $300

I was able to buy a new(for me) pc tower, and have my ten-plus years old laptop brought back to life. All for under $300.
I know that it won't be around much longer, but I can now retrieve my work and memories from my laptop.
Thanks, IQ.
- Roxan De Leo May 28, 2018

IQ Computer Services is the best!

Nick with IQ COMPUTER SERVICES IS THE BEST. He kept working my problem until resolved. Everything was done remotely which made it easy and faster than waiting for a home visit. I will be glad to respond to any question? Oh, the price was more than reasonable! Thanks again Nick, your the man.
-Ray Kelly Feb 12 2018
David Turner

Just do it. Call them

Unfortunately, hackers are real and dangerous and eventually every company will fall victim. We did. Computer was bricked. One call to Marcus late at night, and Nick was there first thing the next day. Not only was he prompt and responsive, but Nick went above and beyond the call to get us back up and running. Nick and IQ have the tools and experience to help. I couldn't be happier. We recommend Nick and IQ for value and quality. Just do it. Call them, you won't be disappointed.
- David T. Jan 16 2018

Expectations beyond surpassed

Marcus Reed of IQ Computer Services offers top-notch customer service, exceptional technical expertise with a quick turnaround time, and the repair rates are very reasonable. My expectations were beyond surpassed. I highly recommend Marcus, and would consult him first for future IT-related needs.
-Gayle Lovit Dec 7 2017
Mike Evanchik

One third the cost

I had a computer issue that I took to Staples to fix. They wanted over $350 to fix it. I called IQ Computer Services and Marcus Reed fixed it for one third the cost. The service was excellent.
- Mike Evanchik. Nov 20 2017
Robert Conover

Corrupted Operating System Fixed - Five Stars!

I had a laptop with a corrupted OS after installing a Windows Update. I spent hours fighting with it but gave up. I reached out to Marcus and he not only fixed my laptop, he provided me with a recovery disk while I waited. I only got halfway through a magazine article and the work was done. A bargain at twice the price. FIVE STARS!
-Robert Conover Nov 16 2017

Marcus and IQ Computer Services are awesome

Marcus and IQ Computer Services are awesome. I had pulled my power cord and whatever it's connected to on the inside, completely out by accidentally tripping on it. I brought my laptop in last minute at the end of the day and they were able to quickly take care of it and have it back to me the next day. I will be using them for all my computer needs!
-Nana Nyarko Oct 5 2017

Same day service

Found IQ Computer Services through a google search. They were available immediately (even on a Sunday afternoon) and were ready to provide same day service. Following a brief diagnostic, Marcus recommended a more long term fix to a hardware issue I was experiencing (cracked power supply connection on laptop casing and broken power supply cabling), ordered necessary parts and completed work thereafter. I left with a working laptop. The entire process was very transparent, with proper invoicing and payment available right away. Very professional and friendly service!
-Deglel T. Oct 4 2017
EJ LeBlanc

Marcus is now my go-to

Marcus is now my go-to IT solution for my small business.
- EJ LeBlanc February 3, 2017
Elizabeth B

I'd definitely go again!

When my screen fuzzed out, then wouldn't start, I panicked. Luckily, Marcus was able to get my beloved MSI laptop back in working order in just 24 hours. He kept me updated on the problem through text and calls, then told me what had happened (a graphics card driver update issue) so that I could prevent it from happening again. I'd definitely go again!
-Elizabeth B Sept 26 2017
gary mead

Very fair prices

This was my first experience with IQ Computer Services. They were outstanding in every way. Easy to understand for a non-techie like myself, helpful, listen to customer, and very fair prices. If the need arises, I would definitely use them in the future.
-Gary Mead Aug 30 2017
 Kimberly Richmond

Literally the BEST ever!!!

Literally the BEST ever!!! Called Marcus up in a panic when I spilled a glass of wine on my macbook laptop and completely fried my keyboard. I needed it fixed ASAP and he delivered. He went above and beyond and ordered parts (overnight) from out of town to get my laptop back to me the next day. Just in time for a business trip I was taking where I NEEDED my laptop. Not only is Marcus courteous, professional and completely on the ball ... he also goes the extra mile. He had one of his techs come by my house to pick up my laptop. I would enthusiastically recommend IQ Computer Services to everyone I know!!
-Kimberly Richmond Aug 2 2017
Timothy A

CPU cooler

I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received from IQ Computer Services. They found that the CPU cooler had given up the ghost. They recommended a more robust cooler, which they ordered and installed. Now my system is running faster (with my Gaming). Not only did they offer to pick up my unit, but when the PC was repaired they then delivered it back to me. Though there was a charge for this service, it was greatly appreciated as I do not drive. I Will definitely recommend them.
-Timothy A. May 2 2017

Professional and Efficient

Thank you IQ Computer Services Nicholas and Marcus were very professional and efficient. They repaired my motherboard within 5 days after I spilled water on my laptop. I will definitely recommend their services and I will be using them again.
-Alida Sanchez April 24 2017
hard drive problem - mary riley

Hard Drive

Marcus had an expert knowledge of computers. He did confirm my desktop computer had "died," he took out the hard drive and wiped it. I had him come to my home so he could connect other computer equipment and to show me how to navigate. First, IQ computer services was very responsive - in my home the next morning. the customer service and computer services was outstanding Thank you Marcus!
-Mary Riley March 19 2017
Edmund R

Extraordinarily competent and conscientious

Excellent. highly recommend. Marcus is an extraordinarily competent and conscientious computer doctor. I went to him with two ailing laptops. He quickly and expertly diagnosed the problem and offered a solution to give me both back in working condition for a very reasonable cost in 24 hours. He is a pleasure to work with. This was an extremely positive experience, and I recommend him highly.
-Edmund R. on Feb 7, 2017

Recover Data

I needed to recover some data left on a laptop computer which would not boot up. IQ Computer Services picked up the laptop and extracted the data, in the process they were able to fix the boot up issue. They actually fixed my preferred Laptop.
-George M. Jan 17, 2017
Scott Friedt

Works better than ever

Took my laptop to Marcus Friday night with lots of issues. I got it back Sunday morning and it works better than ever. Will certainly use him again and am recommending him to all of my friends.
-Scott Friedt Jan 15 2017
Gene Ferrell

Go to person

Marcus with IQ Computer Services has been my go to person for a number of years now, he has serviced three desktop computers in my home remotely which was very helpful not having to carry my equipment to a shop outside, I also purchased a laptop from IQ Computer Services that he personally installed software that was instrumental in performing certain tasks that I needed, there are times when we all need to fix something on our computers, whether it be a simple adjustment/tune-up or a major repair, it could be that you only need to upgrade or install a virus protection...What ever the case may be' Marcus Reed is your man, his prices are very reasonable and fair and I do not believe that you will find a more dependable, qualified and knowledgeable Computer Guy.
-Gene Ferrell Dec 12 2016
Kevin Rosado

Marcus has been really helpful with our situation.

Marcus has been really helpful with our situation. We had water spilled on one of our laptops and he assessed the damage quickly and notified us with several options that we had.
- Kevin Rosado October 23, 2016

Extensive internal damage

This is the place to go if you have any computer issues. After ignoring what seem to be a minor loose hinge from dropping my notebook, I had extensive internal damage. The entire bottom had to be replaced/rebuilt. They fixed my computer in less than a week and restored all my information and software. The prices were very reasonable and I received convenient complimentary text updates through the process. I especially liked that they offered military discount and emailed receipts. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional, timely, efficient service. Especially considering I was in a rush because of online classes and it wasn’t a easy fix but they made it work with no complaints. Defiantly will go back if I ever have anymore issues with my laptop.
-Jasmine Sanford Sep 23 2016
Tiffany Jordan

Virus removed in less than 30 minutes

I had a awesome experience! The viruses that were invading my laptop were removed in less than 30 minutes and its a plus that he can remote in and fix your problems without you having to leave the comfort of your home. I recommend anyone having computer issues to give IQ Computer Services a call!
-Tiffany Jordan Sept 8 2016
Tim Gibson

Overheating Laptop Fix

Marcus did an great job fixing an overheating problem with my Sony laptop. He also discovered that multiple viruses were clogging up my system, and gave me a reduced price on cleaning it up. I would definitely recommend IQ computer services.
-Tim Gibson August 20 2016
Amanda Penrod

Lost password recovered

Marcus helped me out with a few issues I had with my laptops. I lost my passwords, needed my windows program activated and then had start up issues. He definitely looked out, and didn’t over charge. I recommend him to anyone with computer problems.
-Amanda Penrod Aug 19 2016
Julia C

Terrific Experience

Had a terrific experience, my power jack became damaged and had to be replaced. He quickly identified the problem, ordered the part and had the laptop back to me before anticipated. Laptop working great! Also fixed access to a USB port without additional charge. Don’t be intimidated by his company working out of his home – they are very professional and his prices reflect the lack of overhead expenses.
-Julia C. Aug 19 2016
 Laura Parsons

Responsive, Knowledgeable and Efficient

Marcus of IQ Computer Services in Alexandria has worked on two computers for me – an old desk-top and a newer laptop. He was responsive, knowledgeable and efficient. Completed the work quickly (in the time that he promised), answered all my questions and followed up with me to ask if the system was working well. I got his name from a friend and I will continue to go back to him.
-Laura Parsons Aug 15 2016

Amazing quality of service

l will definitely go back there if I need help with my laptop again. I’m very satisfied with professionalism, quality of service and the overall experience. I highly recommend this place! Thanks.
-Agnieszka M. May 20 2016
 Joanne Frederick Jefferson

Available 24 Hours

Marcus was very professional in delivering services. He allow the process of selecting, ordering, delivering and setting up a computer and a printer to be a very smooth process for me. He made himself available for various questions and he was very patient when it came to trouble shooting. When ever I am in need of technical support, he is always available within 24 hours.
-Dr.Joanne Frederick Jefferson Apr 27 2016
Phillip W

Laptop Overheating

Marcus and his crew are top notch, I was having issues with my laptop overheating, all other locals busy and /or stated that they would have to mail it out for part repair. He looked at it found the issue of desert sand and extra heat tap and lack of gel. within 24 hours he had it up and running faster then ever. Spoke to him on another laptop i had being slow within 48 hours weekend that is they diagnosed multiple viruses, contained cleaned , defragged and installed new security. Want an honest and fair hand shake then speak with Marcus.
-Phillip W. April 16 2016

Custom Computer Build

Having my old computer maintained and repaired by Marcus at IQ Computer Services, it was the obvious choice to go to him when it finally shut down for the final time. Unable to revive my old workstation because of a crashed motherboard, I decided to ask Marcus to build me a new one. I trusted his expertise, and I didn’t want to deal with buying a new p.c. at a store. He built me an incredible system that meets more than all of my needs. I’m overjoyed with its performance thus far, and its upkeep will forever be maintained by IQ Computer Services. IQ also provides just about any computer component you need. I will be a customer for as long as I have computer needs.
-Mick B. March 17 2016
Nancy Carlton

In Home Computer Service

I was desperate for immediate help with several computer/printer problems so I first called the big, well known computer tech firms; however, I had to navigate through an 800 number, no one could come to my house the same day, and their fees were incredibly high. I then took a chance on the smaller, lesser known IQ Computer Services, and they were FANTASTIC on every measure. An actual human — Marcus Reed — answered the phone when I called, and he arranged to come to my house that same afternoon. Mr. Reed and his colleague arrived at my home at the exact time he told me they would arrive. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. Mr. Reed solved all of my computer/printer problems in very little time and was very patient and helpful in answering my many questions. In addition to the great service, the fee was much lower than the fees quoted to me by the bigger computer tech firms! I was so pleased with my experience with Mr. Reed and IQ Computers Services that I plan to hire them again to help me set up more sophisticated computer capabilities. Five stars! Definitely Hire IQ Computer Services!
- Nancy C. Feb 10 2016
Steve Russell

Marcus fixed my home computer problems completely

Marcus fixed my home computer problems completely, quickly, professionally, and cost-effectively. I've got him on speed dial!!
- Steve Russell December 15, 2015

Budget Friendly

Very good service! Although I had been hoping that my 7 year old laptop could be kept functional for another 5 or 6 months (I knew it was on it’s way out), after evaluating and working on it, Marcus let me know it was beyond saving. He was extremely helpful and patient in advising me on a replacement and in providing me with and explaining the options (I am not very computer savvy) that were within my budget and preferences (e.g., Windows 7). Once the decision was made, he was able to order it for me at a discount and get everything loaded and set up the way I wanted it. There were no surprise extra charges for this’s or that’s – what he quoted me is what I paid and quite reasonable. I read a prior review saying not to let the fact that he works from home deter you, and that was helpful as I otherwise might have been a bit doubtful about this – no worries, but I did have a hard time initially finding his home in the complex he lives in. I highly recommend! Marcus quickly put me at ease with his competence and knowledge, earned my trust, and I feel comfortable calling or emailing or dropping by for other little things and questions (e.g., if I want help in installing software, or to learn how to use some new function).
-Lucinda Frost Jan 2 2016
Rob Leese

Quick and Accurate

Quick and accurate service! Sold me only what was needed and did a thorough evaluation.
-Rob Leese Dec 15 2015

No hassles

I have used IQ many times and I keep coming back to them with my computer needs because they are simply, the best! I typical do not have to wait and if I do, it’s only because a part needs to be ordered and even with that, the service is still exceptionally fast. My computer problems are generally resolved/fixed that same day with absolutely NO hassles. Suffice it to say that I have been EXTREMELY satisfied and every need that I had was accomplished expeditiously and always with the utmost professionalism and genuine kindness. In addition, you will not go broke either because the prices are very reasonable and I would say, can’t be beat!. I will continue to take all of my computer needs to IQ Computer Services and I highly suggest that you do also.
-Wendy P. Nov 30 2015
Bobby Laurie

I'd recommend IQ to anyone needing computer repairs.

Great service, communication and the computer was fixed timely! I'd recommend IQ to anyone needing computer repairs.
- Bobby Laurie 7 Years Ago
Fredis Franco

Reparaciones de Mis Dos Computadoras

Mi experencia con iQ Computer Services fue muy bien. Fueron muy amables y la reparaciones de mis dos computadoras (1 HP laptop y 1 Dell) fue rapida. Espero volver encaso que tenga otras difcultades con mis computadoras.
-Fredis Franco Oct 30 2015
Janice McPherson

I’ve found IQ Computer Services to be very helpful and reasonably priced.

I’m not great with computers, and I’ve found IQ Computer Services to be very helpful and reasonably priced. Marcus takes time to explain things, and is good at doing so without jargon. He sticks with a problem until it’s solved and responds quickly and patiently to problems and follow-up questions.
-Janice McPherson July 8 2015

He WILL solve your problem.

Marcus is tenacious and experienced in IT issues. He WILL solve your problem. He not only goes the extra mile, he goes the extra 10 miles if that is what it takes. If you need IT help, Marcus is the partner you need. He’s your guy.
-David A. Turner Jr. Jun 20 2015
Wanda Kane-Harris

He is a pleasure to work with.

Marcus, takes the initiative to reach out to his clients to offer his expert knowledge and is very good at what he does. He is a pleasure to work with and offers timely service.
Wanda Kane-Harris Oct 30 2015
Craig Lemeshewsky

Price was definitely friendly

Service was friendly and professional. And as a mac user the price was definitely friendly. Over all great guy and service, will definitely return for any computer needs.
-Craig Lemeshewsky Mar 15 2015
Venice Kane

If you’re having trouble, call IQ. Trust me…you will be satisfied.

Having computer trouble is so frustrating, especially when you are busy and have work school, and business deadlines. Its so reassuring to have a tech that is available and affordable to remotely clear up the tech madness so that you can get back to work. If you’re having trouble, call IQ. Trust me…you will be satisfied.
-Venice Kane Mar 5 2015
Tiph Harner

Available and friendly

Marcus did a great job. He had my screen repaired in an hour and is available and friendly. I will definitely go back to IQ for any other computer needs
-Tiph Harner Jan 5 2015
Buford Lewis

Prompt, excellent service.

Prompt, excellent service. Quickly diagnosed problems and then implemented solutions. Maintained timely contact throughout as I traveled out of the immediate area.
-Buford Lewis June 30 2014
Marie Bell

If its broken than Marcus and the IQ Computer Services team NEEDS to fix it.

Hello if its broken than Marcus and the IQ Computer Services team NEEDS to fix it. I was introduced to Marcus by my son who also knew someone who had Marcus repair a crack computer screen. For me first impressions counts. It tells me how the outcome of whatever business etc. is going to turn out. Marcus and the IQ Computer Service team fixed my computer issues RIGHT the first time. I was having issues with my hard drive and slow performance. Marcus diagnosed the issue upon speaking with him. My computer was fixed right, in a timely manner and at a great cost. I highly recommend Marcus and the IQ Computer Services to diagnose and fix all your computer needs right the FIRST time.
-Marie Bell June 28 2014
Al Coleman

Highly recommended!

I recently had a problem with the wireless internet service card inside my Dell laptop. I found several options for repair in the Alexandria, VA area – I work up here during the spring but live in Georgia, and I needed the laptop repaired quickly. I went to the local Best Buy, and the Geek Squad informed me the computer would be sent off for the repairs for a minimum of three weeks. “Why,” I thought, “with a Geek Squad supposedly tech savvy right here inside your store?” Not wanting that, I looked elsewhere, and found Marcus and his business, IQ Computer Services. Marcus repaired the computer in a day, plus cleaned the screen and keyboard. He also brought the computer back to where I was staying. I was very impressed with his prompt repair and delivery of the laptop. Highly recommended!
-Al Coleman June 27 2014
Wendy Hamilton

Professional, Responsive, Efficient and Affordable.

Contacted Marcus via craigslist to get a quote for repair of my laptop screen. He was professional, responsive, efficient and affordable. He repaired my computer in a little over an hour and provided service with a smile. Will definitely refer and highly recommend.
-Wendy Hamilton June 22 2014
Lori Sisson

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IQ Computer Services!

The moment I called Marcus was helpful. He has been since I started taking my laptop to him. He fixed my screen and did updates/repairs to the system. Then, 1 fix I thought was 1 program ended up being a different one~ therefore Marcus had to help fix it again. He was willing to do so too. I greatly appreciate the time and patience he took in fixing my laptop. I didn’t want to go buy a new one either, he is very professional and knowledgeable with the computer repair. I am thankful he answered when I called and was very timely in actions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IQ Computer Services!!!
- Lori Sisson June 18 2014
Cherlyn Jenkins

I will definitely use them for my computer needs

My son picked many of the keys off my laptop. They were able to order my keyboard and called me the day they got it. I dropped of my laptop for two hours and had it back good as new. Not only was the service great, but it cost 1/3 less than estimates from other places. I will definitely use them for my computer needs.
-Cherlyn Jenkins June 22 2013
Mick Butler

The pricing for all of this was incredibly affordable.

I bought my computer from someone who custom built it. It had every program that I needed to do graphic design work, and had many files that I had yet to transfer to storage. It was an incredible workhorse. Then one night, inexplicably, my workhorse of a computer simple stopped working. It would not even connect to the monitor. Fearing the worst, I found IQ Computer services and resigned myself to perhaps having my data recovered at best. I found hope, however, in some of the reviews I read on Yahoo. So, I dropped off my modem and hoped for the best. A couple of days later I received a phone call that not only was my data intact, but that my computer was up and running. Marcus was able to clear the system of viruses, as well as getting it to run faster, and service was fast and friendly. The pricing for all of this was incredibly affordable. I recommend IQ Computer services for all of your computer service issues.
-Mick Butler June 20 2013
Mark Weinstein

Don’t go to “the Geeks” and pay double!

I had three computers on the fritz and called IQ Computer services. Marcus came right over and fixed everything and the cost was very reasonable. Don’t go to “the Geeks” and pay double! I have found a great way to solve my personal and small business IT needs.
-Mark Weinstein June 15 2013
Lindsey Vick

Can’t go wrong here!

After a recommendation, I contacted IQ Computer Services with a broken USB drive that contained some very important files. I spoke with Marcus, who was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Despite his best efforts, he wasn’t able to fix the drive because the chip containing the data was damaged beyond repair. However, he debugged and optimized my laptop and gave me a great deal on two refurbished laptops and a new hard drive (so I never lose important files again). All are working perfectly now! He was prompt, courteous, and reasonably priced. And a veteran! Can’t go wrong here!
-Lindsey Vick June 7 2013