Data Recovery Services

Computer Won’t Start Up? You May Need Data Recovery

Hard drives fail eventually. Your hard drive can stop working unexpectedly or when you haven’t backuped recently. We provide data recovery services in Bowie, MD, Alexandria Virginia, Washington DC, Arlington VA to help you recover important files, photos, music, and videos. Whether you accidentally deleted a file, reinstalled Windows or on a hard drive, or formatted the hard drive, we can retrieve erased data.

Signs you need data recovery services:

  • Hard drive makes clicking noise
  • Windows hangs on start up
  • Computer freezes
  • Files won’t open
  • Files disappear
  • Dropped laptop
  • Error message – “hard drive not found”

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, please turn off the computer and contact us for assistance. Continuing to use the computer can reduce our chances of recovering files.