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virus removal service

Virus Removal Service

Remove viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, keyloggers. This malware ruins important documents, photos, music, and videos. We find and fix viruses, spyware, adware on your PC. Stay protected with antivirus software installation service.

Ransomware Protection and Recovery

iQ has the expertise to take care of any virus and spyware. For ransomware, we can help. Sometimes, this means restoring your system to a previous time. For advanced ransomware, we must wipe your hard drive clean. It’s important to regularly back up your important files because ransomware encrypts files.

Do it Yourself Virus Removal is a Mistake

Don’t try virus removal yourself. You might do everything right, but some viruses hide from the scan. then they re-load themselves back onto the operating system. Get professional help to identify the viruses, then and permanently erase them. Take action before they damage your personal files, your business data, or reputation.