network support

Network Support

Network Support

Here at iQ Computer Services, we can provide you with network support. If you need any repairs, setups, security, or other areas, we can help. Our technicians have the knowledge needed to get you connected.

Wireless Network Troubleshooting

When it comes to troubleshooting your network, we make sure that it is working at its full potential. If you are on a wireless network, many problems can arise. Computers not wired to the network can lose the information sent from one device to another.

Network management ensures that your network is fast, reliable, and secure. Our services include troubleshooting and repairing network issues. We can also set up a network that allows you to do much more than reach across the Internet.

Business or Home Office Network

Is your network set up in a way that works for you and your business? The goal is to have the quality of service that you are in need of. Our professionals make using devices on the network easy for everyone. Network and WiFi security are also very important. We connect network devices using ethernet cables, securing them with Keberos wired security.

Cisco Router

We recommend using a Cisco router for network connections. This provides a secure access point to all devices. We can also set up Windows Server remote access as needed. Switch management is also provided through innovative advances in network settings.

File Sharing

One of the biggest benefits of computer networking is file-sharing. On a secure network, you can quickly share files between computers. This allows your business to run more efficiently than ever.

Network Attached Storage

Network attached storage can also be set up by iQ Computer Services. This is an external device where you can put documents, files, and other important data. It saves storage space on your computer while also making the office more effective as a whole.

Onsite Network Troubleshooting

When seeking network support, it is hard to resolve your issue over the phone. At iQ, we offer you on-site service in the event that your network is not working the way you want. It is best to speak with a professional that can repair any damages.

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If you need a network to connect to for your business or home office, speak with us here at iQ Computer Services. We can troubleshoot your current issues and also set up networks. We strive to provide the best service possible. Call us today to set up your appointment!

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Marcus was very professional in delivering services. He allow the process of selecting, ordering, delivering and setting up a computer and a printer to be a very smooth process for me. He made himself available for various questions and he was very patient when it came to trouble shooting. When ever I am in need of technical support, he is always available within 24 hours.

Dr.Joanne Frederick Jefferson

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