• IT Security


    Protecting computer systems and networks from external and internal threats is what information technology security is all about.  If an intruder or unauthorized person is able to get into the information that is stored within the computer system, server or database, they can leave viruses, trojans and even steal important information from you including valuable company data and customer information. IT security services drastically reduces your risk, since you're blocking these problems from happening in the first place.


    What to Expect From IT Services


    You can expect attention to detail from our quality IT services. Whether you’re in need of a firewall, additional protection for your server, software or hardware or want to protect any vital information from leaking out of your company; we can provide you with the essentials needed to protect this information and get you back on track.


    IT services provide exceptional security services because their professionals are trained to find hidden back doors, bots, viruses and other issues that can arise within a business’s platform. We can remove these threats, while configuring firewalls and security measures to prevent them in the future - saving both your information and privacy.


    Cyber Security


    Many companies are unsure of how information technology works, and without the proper security measures put in place, the company or business cannot protect their information located within a database or sent across the internet. Cyber security continues to be a problem when the company has not had security measures put in place to protect this information. If you’re using free or consumer-level security software, these are not going to catch many of the viruses located in the system.


    Protecting your company or business from these threats means that you’re saving your valuable information from the hands of malicious hackers and cyber criminals that would steal your information. Businesses lose a lot of money, records, important documents even in the event of a hack into their system. Your business could even be charged with negligence or sued by clients for the breach.  Don’t wait for something like this to happen to your company, use a service that protects your information today.


    Security is an issue with the internet. When you have multiple devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets connected to the same network, can leave vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Through the use of IT security services, you can close those gaps and provide a closed-circuit for all of the systems that are running on the same network. This protects all information within the system, even from those that work within the system and do not have authorization to access it.


    Be in control of your IT security measures at your company.


    Speak with us here at IQ Computer Services to find out how we can provide you with the IT security you’re in need of. Feel confident about being able to do business, without leaking any important information with the use of our many security features. Call us today!



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