Laptop Repair

Bring us your laptop problem for an affordable laptop repair

We provide laptop repair service in Alexandria Virginia, Arlington VA and Washington DC for all types of laptop problems. When laptop computer is not working properly, give us a call to get it back up and running again quickly.

Failing Hard Drive

Is your laptop running very slowly or take a very long time to start up or shut down? It’s possible that you have a hard drive problem. We can test your laptop hard drive for problems such as file corruption, bad sectors, and fix or replace it.

Laptop Won’t Turn On

If your laptop battery does not last at least an hour or won’t charge up, you could have a problem with your laptop battery, laptop power jack, power button, or the AC adapter. Often there is a bad connection between the DC power jack on the motherboard.

Computer Motherboard Repair

Does your laptop cut off suddenly, or make strange peeping noises? When your computer main system board fails or is damaged, we can fix or replace it. We fix problems including weird looking display or flickering.

Broken Laptop

Don’t trash your laptop after dropping your laptop and breaking it. We can find the broken computer parts and replace them. IQ Computer Services can repair broken laptop hinges, back cover, bottom, keyboards, palm rests and more.


Is your laptop hot to the touch? Does it shut off unexpectedly? Dust clogging your laptop internal fan is often the cause. We can take apart the laptop to clean out the fan and apply thermal paste to the CPU to regulate the temperature. IQ Computer Services can fix laptop overheating issues same day to limit your down time.

Keyboard Not Working

Did you spill coffee on your laptop keyboard? Turn it off and give us a call right away. When keys break off your keyboard, we can repair or replace your laptop keyboard.

Stuck DVD Drive

When you have a disc stuck in your CD and DVD drive, just call us for help. We fix broken door on laptop dvd drives too.

Blue Screen Error

If your computer crashes and shows a blue screen error messages, let us know so we can get your PC working properly again.