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fix common laptop problems

Common Laptop Problems

Laptops are just one of those things that take a lot of abuse. You carry them around and use them for many different purposes. You use your laptop more than your desktop computer. So when your laptop breaks, you’re unsure how to fix the problem. Here are some of the more common computer problems you may face as a laptop owner and how to fix them.

Frayed Power Cord or Broken Charger

This problem should go without saying – buy a new one! They are relatively cheap through the internet or at a local store, and you can fix the problem within the time it takes you to get there and back. You’re able to find the laptop power adapter that is a perfect match for your computer. Never use a cord that has exposed frayed wires since this can be dangerous. Not only are you causing electrical shock, but you can end up frying your laptop or starting a fire.

Fixing a Bad Fan

If your laptop cooling fan does not work correctly, you may face overheating problems. This isn’t good if you’re in the middle of work or a game.  You might need a new fan, compressed air, and a screwdriver. Compressed air to completely blow out the computer’s inside may fix the fan problem. This cleans out the debris inside so the fan can move again. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, you must replace the fan. Carefully open the case with the screwdriver and replace the original fan with the new one. The fan will cool the computer once you close it back up.  This is a more advanced task. So, if you are uncomfortable opening up the laptop, contact a computer repair technician.

Laptop Doesn’t Start

When the laptop doesn’t start, you may feel panicked, but don’t. Plug it in and see if there is a light on the side of the laptop. You want to find out if it can get a charge. See if there is a light, and you can turn it on, and it should work properly. If you unplug it while it is in use and it shuts off – you may need a new battery. If the light doesn’t come on while plugged in, you may just need to buy a new cord. Of course, if none of these solve the problem – ASK A PROFESSIONAL!

My Laptop is Running Slow

When the laptop is running slow, you might feel anxious. A possible explanation for this is that laptops get a lot of files stored in them over time. This fills up the hard drive and slows the computer down. Go through your files and delete everything that you don’t need.  Then empty the recycle bin.


Files are broken into pieces all over the hard drive. Windows added a defragmentation option to help with this. Go to the Start Menu, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and Disk Defragmenter. This should solve the problem. It moves your items, compacts them, and cleans your computer from any clutter that is no longer needed. You do not have to feel like a hoarder anymore! New solid-state drives eliminate disk fragmentation and run much faster.

If you have tried everything we recommended and you still cannot get it to work, consider speaking with a professional laptop repair specialist. They can fix the laptop and get you back on your way to using it for all of your needs.

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