Malware on Your Mac? How It Got Infected

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Is My Mac Infected?
You know Mac is less likely to become infected with malware than a Microsoft Windows PC. Yet, macOS is not safe from malware.  Malware is malicious software, like viruses, trojan horses, and worms that hurt your computer. Malware gets installed when you download from websites and email, attachments. Third-party software is the most common way Mac becomes infected.
How Did My Mac Get Malware?
Some common ways for your Mac to become compromised include the following:
Java Browser Extension Enabled
One way malware infects Mac is by installing Java as well as its browser extension. With this extension, you are able to run Java written software from within your browser. Keep in mind, this is not the same a JavaScript.
The good news is, today’s modern technology no longer uses websites that rely on Java browser plugin. Many browsers have already dropped the use of Java plugins. Disable in Apple’s Safari browser. Head to Preferences > Security > Plug-in Settings and uncheck the relevant boxes. It is safe to uninstall Java and its browser extension.
Pirated Software Download
Downloading pirated software is one of the easiest ways for your Mac to become infected. Due to Apple macOS being safe, the majority of individuals do not have a virus scanner on their Mac. But, whenever you install third-party software you open your Mac up to risks. Downloading pirated software is dangerous. Stay safe by buying software from legitimate sources or use free alternatives.
Unpatched Flash
Adobe’s Flash browser plugin has been the cause of many security issues. HTML5 which performs the same job as Flash has been becoming more obsolete.
Google Chrome has a patched Flash allowing it to run without harming your PC. It’s contained in a secure environment. Yet, if you are a Safari user, you can have the browser ask when running websites with Flash. Go to Preferences > Security >Plug-in Settings to change.
Keep in mind, even the most updated version of Flash can pose a risk to your Mac. The best way to protect yourself is by disabling Flash in Safari. Select Preferences > Security >Plug-in Settings and uncheck Flash.
Apple Security
Mac infection third-party software is the most common way to put your Mac at risk. Apple is good with its security, but using security software protects your Mac.

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