How Often Should I Update My Computer?

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update my computer

Update My Computer

When should I update my computer? It’s a simple question. Many don’t have a clear answer. iQ Computer Services sees the negative effects of waiting too long. These problems are preventable. Operating systems are essential to make your computer work. The most popular operating systems are Windows and macOS. . They manage tasks between your software and your hardware. That’s why it is a good idea to keep them updated. Luckily, reminders to update popup. Sometimes automatic updates take care of it. Updating helps to maximize your security.

5 Reasons You Need to Update Your Operating System

Close Security Gaps

  • Patch security holes that leave you exposed to malware. Protect your files from hackers snooping for your private info.

 Block Viruses

  • Protect your family and friends online. Viruses spread through interaction. If you do not update your OS, you risk spreading viruses to others.

New features

  • Get the most out of your applications and see what new tricks your device can do.

Fix computer bugs

  • Developers spend time working out the kinks of your OS. They fix software problems, so your desktop or laptop runs smoothly.

Better program performance

  • Get more done in less time with programs that run faster.


How Often Should I Update Windows OS?

Windows checks for new updates whenever it’s connected to the internet. Security updates occur at random times on “Patch Tuesday.” You can always do a manual update check yourself. Windows 10 Pro users have the option to pause installing an update. It is automatic for Windows 10 Home. At least you can delay updates for a more convenient time. If an update causes problems on your computer, you can uninstall it. Microsoft tests updates before releasing them. When kinks arise, they may be an outdated driver or software program on your computer. A qualified computer services tech can figure out and address what went wrong.

How Often Should I Update macOS?

One of Apple’s points of appeal is the automatic updates on their devices. Users receive regular prompts for updates. macOS does a good job updating itself with minor patches and fixes. All you have to do is agree to them when prompted. But, it is understandable if you wish to wait. New releases may take Apple a few weeks to point out and address any kinks. After which, you may want to set your update for a day and time when you do not need to use your device as much. Lastly, you want to ensure older apps work with your new operating system. This is particularly important for non-Apple ones. Once you have done this, you’re ready to go.

When Do I Update Linux?

Most of us are familiar with the popular Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac. Less so with Linux. Because it runs more secure code, Linux is vulnerable to attacks from hackers. But, it is still important to keep the software running. Like macOS and Windows 10, Linux has automatic updates. All you have to do is follow when prompted, being sure not to ignore. Security updates will happen daily, while non-security updates will happen weekly. You also have the option to manually update your computer.

Don’t Fall Behind on Computer Updates

Again, don’t wait too long. You should run an OS version no more than two versions older than the latest. If the newest OS is three or more versions ahead, there may be compatibility issues.

What other updates should I make besides my OS?

Beyond your operating system, we recommend you:
  • Backup your files at least once per week
  • Update your antivirus to new versions
  • Check for application updates once per month

Professional Computer Updates in Bowie Maryland

Updating your computer probably sounds overwhelming. Take these simple actions. Are you scared to do it yourself? That’s okay. We understand that mistakes can happen when making updates. There might be a lack of software compatibility. You reset the whole device by mistake instead of updating it. Leave it to a professional if you’re worried about something like this. iQ Computer Services helps you keep the operating system up to date. Ready to work with us? Contact iQ Computer Services today.

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