Windows reset screen

Windows 10 Factory Reset Guide

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 Windows 10 removes recovery image Windows 8 had an image on a hidden disk partition. You could use it to restore the operating system. In windows 10, the recovery partition is no longer available. Windows 10 Factory Reset Factory reset is the best way to get Windows back to the out-of-the-box state. This restores your operating system to “factory settings.” Before resetting, back up any personal data. Remember that […]

managing hard drive partitions

Managing Hard Drive Partitions with Windows 10

Managing Hard Drive Partitions There are numerous third-party software managers for Microsoft Windows partitions. You don’t need any of them. Use Disk Management wizard for managing hard drive partitions in Windows 10. Create, resize, format, and delete partitions and volumes, and changing drive letters. Disk Management Tool Access First, access the Disk Management wizard by selecting Start and entering “partition”. In the options list, select “Create and format hard disk partitions”. The windowpane for Disk […]

How to Automate Repetitive Windows Tasks

Free Tools to Automate Repetitive Windows Tasks

Learn How to Automate Repetitive Windows Tasks If you perform the same tedious task over and over again, you know there are many benefits in finding a tool that could do that job for you. Why waste time typing the same text or searching hundreds of folders to locate only a file? Consider the following free tools to automate repetitive Windows tasks and reap their benefits. grepWin It can take hours to find a specific […]

apps for Windows 10

Best Apps for Windows 10 Personal Computer

Must-Have Apps for Windows 10 If you just purchased a new Windows 10 personal computer or have had your PC for some time, all the awesome apps you need can be found at the Windows Store. Here are the best apps for your Windows 10 personal computer: Awesome Tube Windows 10 may not have an official YouTube app, but there is still a way for you to enjoy all your beloved videos in an app. […]


Disable Microsoft Upload Center on Windows

Easily Disable the Microsoft Upload Center A feature introduced in Microsoft Office 2010 is Microsoft Upload Center. This feature still lives on in Office 2013 and 2016. It is an add-on to Office. Older versions of Microsoft Office were made to save documents, along with other Office files to the local hard drive. With the incorporation of OneDrive and cloud storage having so much emphasis in modern versions, Microsoft has included Upload Center. The purpose […]