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Answers to Your Internet Explorer Problems

Fix Internet Explorer problems now. Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, comes with a new browser, Microsoft Edge. There is still a time when you need Internet Explorer. Some people have decided not to upgrade yet. Internet Explorer improved greatly, which has brought many users back. However, as with any technology, there are glitches and problems. Here are some common problems and how to solve them:

The first thing always want to do is check for Windows updates; there is a possibility you have missed one.

404 Error: Page Cannot Be Displayed

If having a 404 Error try resetting your browser. Go to Tools, and select Internet Options>Advanced>Reset. A dialog box will appear “Reset Internet Explorer Settings” and select Reset>Close>OK. Restart your computer for the default setting to take effect for Internet Explorer.

Display Issues

If a website’s not displaying images or it is blank, text is jumbled or broken, or menus are out of place, there might be an issue with compatibility between the website and IE. In the Compatibility View list, you can add this website. Go to tools, Compatibility View setting, the text field will automatically have the website you are on display, click Add.

If there are still issues, clear your browser cache. Doing so also deletes your Compatibility View list. Go to Tools, then Internet Options>General, click Delete underneath Browsing history. Put a check in Temporary Internet files, and website files then select Delete.

Videos Will Not Play

There may be an add-on required in your browser to play the video you are trying. Also, be sure you are not trying to view the video while InPrivate Browsing. This setting blocks the required add-ons or info needed to play the video.

Another way to try fixing the issue is using Compatibility View.

Freezes or Crashes

Fix Internet Explorer crashing or unresponsive problem. One way is by turning off hardware acceleration. Your computer’s graphic card accelerates graphics-extensive tasks, such as online games or streaming video. Go to Tools, Internet Options>Advanced, now put a check in the box Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering. Hit OK, and restart your browser so the changes will take effect.

Another way is by running Internet Explorer Performance troubleshooter. So search and hit Troubleshooting. Select View All>Internet Explorer Performance. Using the Advanced link you want to Run as administrator. You receive results that are more accurate when run in admin mode. Make sure there is a check in the box Apply repairs automatically, hit Next, and follow all directions.

These solutions should fix Internet Explorer issues, and if they do not, you can reset IE back to its default settings. Internet Explorer can be a pain, but with the right knowledge, you can handle the problems.

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