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Clean Your Laptop

If you clean your laptop the wrong way you could destroy it. Cleaning a laptop computer is not as hard as you think. Learn how to clean the LCD screen, keyboard, and touchpad. Don’t forget about the battery connections and USB ports. How often you need to clean your laptop depends on where you keep the computer.  For the average home, it’s recommended once to twice a year. Keeping to this plan can save you a lot of time and money by extending the life span of your laptop.

Safety First

Before starting, follow these safety rules. First, always unplug power before cleaning your laptop computer. Next, remove the battery if you can. Then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to discharge any voltage left in the PC.

Laptop Screen Cleaning

Clean the laptop screen with a soft dry cloth. For extra dirty screens, apply distilled water to dampen the cloth. Never spray water or any liquid directly onto a computer screen. Apply light pressure as you wipe the screen. Laptop screens crack under direct pressure.  Don’t use window cleaner.

How To Clean Laptop

Use a can of compressed air to blow dust and other particles out of the keyboard and touchpad. Don’t shake or turn the can upside down because cold liquid may spray out. This can hurt you and damage your computer.  Instead, turn the computer at an angle when blowing out the keyboard. Food and dust will come out from the keys. This is should fix sticking keys. Finally, take a damp cloth and wipe down the lid, keyboard, and touchpad. Are you still having a problem with stuck keys? A computer technician should remove the keyboard or keycaps to clear it up.

Clean the Laptop Fan

Use the compressed air to clear out anything blocking the airflow of the laptop. You can do this by blowing out the vents and ports on the sides and back of the laptop.

How to Clean Battery Contacts

Next, you should clean the battery connections. What you need is a contact cleaner and a non-abrasive cotton swab to clean the contacts. Remove the battery and clean the copper contacts.  Remember, it is not a good idea to spray any liquid on the computer. Spray the cleaning cloth you are using and not the computer itself. 
In conclusion, follow these simple tips to clean your laptop. Does this seem too hard? Leave the job to the pros. Contact the computer experts at iQ Computer Services.

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