How To Backup Data Before a Hard Drive Failure

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Back-Up Your Data Before Something Bad Happens

Now is the best time to consider if your data is securely backed up. Eventually, all hard drives fail. When this happens, your data is lost. Imagine losing all your personal photos, music, and work documents. Learn how to back up data before it is too late.
Yet, if you backed up your data, your hard drive failure would be a simple inconvenience. You could easily restore your data to another machine. You need a backup hard drive. Here is what to look for to ensure you buy the right one.

External Hard Drives for Data Drive Backup

Most computer users prefer to use external hard drives for their backup solutions. They have a larger storage capacity and are more reliable than USB thumb drives.

Storage Size

It’s safest to run regular backups, such as daily or weekly. Pick a backup hard drive larger than your PC’s internal drive. This allows each file to store more than one copy. You stay safe in case one version becomes corrupted.


Speed is not very important in backup data drives. The initial backup would be to create a copy of each file on your internal drive. Each backup following saves any files that have changed since the last time. This means any time there are files backed up; it is smaller.


Reliability is one of the most crucial factors when selecting your backup data drive. Surveys show the majority of drives that undergo heavy use last about four years. However, it is challenging to determine reliability. Before purchasing a backup data drive, read reviews and learn about different brands. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty.

Optional Features

There are some helpful optional features in many backup data drives. These may include software that can manage or encrypt data on your backups. Operating systems often have built-in backup tools. Time Machine is for Apple Mac, and Windows has File History.

Backup Using Cloud Storage

Some decide against an external hard drive. You might choose to have a second backup method by using the Cloud. Cloud storage requires a monthly storage fee bAlsor storage amount. Also, you will need a fast internet connection to transfer a large amount of data to the cloud.
When storing your data on the cloud, you want to be aware of potential security implications. Before selecting your provider, carefully read their privacy policy and service guarantees.
Bear in mind technology changes, and the hard drive wears out. Choose a backup data drive that is good for now and the future. There are also other backup services you can use. Contact iQ to get backup pc help.

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