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How To Clean Your Laptop The Right Way

Clean Your Laptop If you clean your laptop the wrong way you could destroy it. Cleaning a laptop computer is not as hard as you think. Learn how to clean the LCD screen, keyboard, and touchpad. Don’t forget about the battery connections and USB ports. How often you need to clean your laptop depends on where you keep the computer.  For the average home, it’s recommended once to twice a year. Keeping to this plan […]

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Top-Gaming Laptops for the Year

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset The old days when only a desktop computer was sufficient enough for PC gaming is long forgotten. For years, personal computers have been the ideal place to game. Gaming laptops offer a number of great options for both casual and mobile gamers. The following list of the top-gaming notebooks can help you find which suits all your needs. Alienware 17 – From $1299 Alienware 17 bundles a huge 17-inch […]

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Best Gaming Laptops 2016

Pick the Best Gaming Laptops of 2016 Gamers want a laptop that performs and looks cool. This is different from what a business user or casual user wants. Gamers are willing to give up slim and lightweight for some raw processing power. To get this power, parts must capable of handling it. Sometimes this means more heft. Gaming laptops are needed to play many top games. Although gaming laptops are not a full match yet […]


Learn These Tips Before a New Laptop Purchase

Money-Saving Tips to Learn Before Purchasing a New Laptop When your laptop dies, make this experience less painful by not letting your replacement purchase break the bank. While shopping for a new laptop, remember these money-saving tips to help you not fall into debt. Do Not Pay For Unnecessary Features Laptops today come loaded with features. Some features such as graphic cards that are high-end, backlit keyboards, and extra-large solid-state drives are great to have, […]

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7 Tips to Boost Laptop Battery Life

Tips to Boost Laptop Battery Life Windows 10 has features to boost laptop battery life like earlier versions. However, many are not found in the same places. Use these tips to boost your battery life. These options will help the battery in your laptop last much longer. 1. Disabling Bluetooth Most likely, your laptop’s Bluetooth support in Windows is enabled by default. Leaving Bluetooth running can drain your battery if not in use. If you […]