5 Reasons Why You Need an External Drive

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Why You Need an External Drive

Does getting an external hard drive still make sense? You might think that it’s not worth it because of the alternatives. The answer to that question is definitely yes you need an external hard drive.

5 Reasons for Having an External Hard Drive

Backup Data

The first most obvious reason is data backup. Most users know the importance of backing up your data. They understand the possibility of accidents. Laptops fall, drinks spill, motherboards, and burn out from power surges. The list of computer mishaps is endless.

Sure, you can use cloud storage for data backup, but, there are a few downfalls. First, you must consider monthly costs as well as data caps. Additionally, it’s time-consuming. During the several hours of upload time, the drain of bandwidth slows your computer usage.

More Security with an External Drive

Added security is one of the most significant reasons why you still need an external hard drive. There is a possibility of someone stealing your computer password. The online servers for the cloud storage you chose could get hacked. In either situation, your private data is at risk of being stolen by criminals. Having an external hard drive provides file protection by making a second copy.

Offline Access and Travel

Another reason to use an external hard drive is offline access and portability. Most external hard drives today are the size of your wallet. Due to this pocket-size, they are ideal to bring along while traveling away from home. This comes in handy when internet service is unavailable for an extended period of time. You can watch movies from your hard drive on the airplane.


You want a dependable storage device for your files. External hard drives provide a reliable way to hold your important files. Many cloud-storage with a time when customers’ storage was not accessible. If this happens, how will you retrieve your files for work, school, or business? External drives do not pose this problem. Plug it into your computer to open your documents.


Often, you need more storage space than the amount that cloud providers’ free plans offer. This means you will incur monthly or yearly expenses to store your data. A one-time purchase price means external drives save you money and do not have an ongoing fee.

Bonus Reason

Cloud Backup is Not Enough

There has been an incredible increase in cloud-based storage options available. Microsoft Office 365 subscribers can store up to 1TB using Microsoft’s OneDrive. Google One basic offers 100GB of cloud-based storage for $19.99 per year. These are a few of the options available for cloud-based storage. Cloud backup is a good option. It doesn’t replace the use of an external hard drive. Ensure the safety of your data. Back up your computer on a regular schedule.

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