liquid spill on laptop

Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Your keyboard is one of the most important parts of your laptop computer. Without your keyboard most day to day computer operations just aren’t possible. Should you find yourself in the predicament of not being able to use your keyboard there is still hope for the laptop. When you boot up your computer (before you log in) there is a button that opens the Ease of Access Selection. Here you will find an option for an […]


Ultrabooks Explained – Do I Need One?

The Ultrabook is designed to compete with the ever-growing demand for a smaller and faster computing devices. Competing against smartphones and tablets, these .8 inch thick laptops were defiantly built with portability in mind. That is not all that was improved on, the battery life of the Ultrabook is designed to last significantly longer than normal laptops.  The Ultrabook isn’t just a name for a laptop, it is a new class of laptop. The Difference While most […]