What’s new in Intel 4th Gen i3, i5, i7 CPU for laptops

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The wait is over, the newest generation of  Intel CPUs  are here. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the most important part of your laptops performance. The 4th Generation (Named Haswell) has been release with some promising improvements over its predecessors. As with the 3rd generation there are still three classes of processor.

Intel Core i3

The Intel core i3 is built for your everyday home consumer. It provides a generous amount of processing power for surfing the web and other moderate application the average person may need. At a lower cost to the consumer this processor is great for general use.

Intel Core i5

The Intel core i5 is generally meant for businesses. It provides more processing power for multitasking and getting jobs done while still being reasonable in price for businesses to employee them on a large-scale.

Intel Core i7

The Intel core i7 is meant to be the cream of the crop. It is built for engineers, gamers and anyone else requiring ample amounts of processing power at their disposal.


  • Up to 15% better CPU performance over previous gen
  • Applications load twice as fast
  • More overclocking flexibility for enthusiasts
  • 10 days battery life in connected standby
  • 20X reduction in idle power draw
  • Lower power CPUs
  • Up to 2x better 3D graphics
  • Intel Wireless Display® capable
  • Auto connect to WiFi hotspots
  • Anti theft technology – disable PC remotely


The 4th generation Intel core processors have focused on improving on a great CPU and added a few new features. The important thing about laptops is your portability. That is why you buy a laptop over a desktop. One of the problems with this portability is you are more vulnerable to the laptop being lost or stolen. Intel has developed a new feature called Intel Anti Theft®, where you can track your lost or stolen laptop through the processor . What you can do is either track the location of the stolen laptop or just simply shut it down remotely. This feature does however require a monthly or yearly service subscription. With the new 4th generation your battery life has an expectancy of about 9 hours (depending on use). The processor runs on a lot less power creating much less heat and thus reducing the strain on the entire system. They have also increased the speeds at which these processing power houses can perform. Making them able to multitask smoother and increasing over all performance. They have also improved the graphics performance on the 4th gen processors. Making the graphics on systems with these new upgrades superb. These processors are already on the market and (in a few months) will be all over shelves in most stores. What ever the need Intel has you covered. Enjoy and look to IQ Computers Blog Spot for more technical specification on these processors. As always look to IQ Computer Services for all your computer purchasing and repair needs.

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