Is RAM Capacity or RAM Speed Most Important

Rather than investing in a new PC, we always strive for our customers to upgrade their existing PC. Not only do you save money, the amount of e-waste is reduced. So, having some knowledge of computers is needed when you want to save money. RAM is one item we recommend upgrading instead of throwing money away on a new PC. After having your PC inspected, RAM seems to be the culprit for its sluggishness. But, […]

How Much RAM Do I Need for My Gaming Computer

How Much RAM Do I Need for My Gaming Computer?

Getting to Know RAM   RAM (Random Access Memory), is the bank that your computer uses to store all your open applications. When opening a program, your system loads files from your hard drive into RAM. Not having enough can lead to applications running slow or being “laggy”. It’s frustrating being low on RAM for huge applications such as games.   4GB: Not Enough Memory   How much RAM do you need for your gaming […]

macbook top apps macos x

Top Apps for Mac OS X

Get the top apps for mac. Are you a Mac user looking for the best way to make the most out of it? We have compiled a list of the most useful and essential apps for Mac to help you along the way! Bartender 2 For Mac users that utilize many apps, Bartender 2 allows you to stay organized. This amazing app lets you organize different aspects of your Mac’s interface by letting users choose […]

external hard drive

5 Reasons Why You Need an External Drive

Why You Need an External Drive Does getting an external hard drive still make sense? You might think that it’s not worth it because of the alternatives. The answer to that question is definitely yes you need an external hard drive. 5 Reasons for Having an External Hard Drive Backup Data The first most obvious reason is data backup. Most users know the importance of backing up your data. They understand the possibility of accidents. […]

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Security Suites Best Choice in 2016

Security Suites for 2016 Select the best security suites today. One of our major concerns are cyber threats. With an all-in-one security suite, you should find all the features needed to keep your PC secure. Some security suites offer more features than others. Find out what options you need. If you already have a virus, you need virus removal service. Features Looked for in Best Security Suites When looking at Security Suites, the first thing to […]