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Different Types of Computer Viruses


Computer viruses come in many shapes and sizes

Types of Computer Viruses

There are several types of computer viruses that can pose a threat to your identity or the data on your computer. It is a good idea to know about these security threats and how they work. Anti-virus software is highly recommended or everyone who uses computers on a regular basis to protect their personal, financial and most sensitive data.

Browser Hijacker

One type of virus is called a browser hijacker. This works in a way that it takes over parts of the internet browser you are using and redirects it to certain sites. Its purpose is to increase advertisement revenue by bringing traffic to certain web pages. A well-known example of one is called CoolWebSearch. Keep an updated, good antivirus program to help stop these.  Also, be careful in downloading any coupon and shopping add-ons, and programs.  They are often bundled with those.

Directory Virus

A second type of virus is known as a Directory Virus and are also called File System Virus or Cluster Virus. This virus works by changing the path that indicates the files location by infecting the directory of your computer. These infect the entire directory but are usually found in a location in the disk. An example is Dir-2 virus.  These make it difficult to locate your files and may seem that files have disappeared.


Trojan or Trojan horse is sent to your computer by a program that it is hidden inside . A trojan disguises itself to make one believe it is an important or useful program. These are often in highly desirable downloads like games, free software, and even movies or music.  Trojans are different that other viruses, because they don’t multiply or spread.  However, they are very dangerous because they can capture your login information on sites that you input your information.  Trojans are a top tool of cyber thieves who steal your financial and personal data for profit.

Memory Resident Virus

Memory Resident Virus are put on your computers memory. When the operating system runs the virus gets activated and every file that was opened gets infected. Even after execution of the malicious code the virus stays hidden in the RAM. This virus corrupts programs and files that are used in any way. Randex, Meve and MrKlunky are some, just to name a few.

Overwrite Virus

Another type is Overwrite Virus. This virus takes a file and infects it and the information in it is deleted, once that happens the file is partially useless or totally. The file size is not changed even though the content has been replaced. The file needs to be deleted, and you will lose the content originally in it.

We are able to help remove all types of viruses from your computer. Whether they have been on there for a while, or if you just had them added to the computer. Having a clean computer can put your mind at ease.


Top 5 Ways to Avoid Adware

 Tired of Ads?

Adware can do serious damage to the operating system on your PC

Adware is a virus that can control the popups and different websites that come up on your computer. It can interfere with your normal everyday computer usage. It can be installed on your computer without your permission or knowledge. Often it installs on its own or when you download something from a website. It is hard to stay away from adware but there are ways to watch out for, and protect your computer from it.  Check out my top 5 tips for preventing adware.


Be careful what you download or install on your computer from the internet. Only download programs that you really need. Do read the user license agreement and disclosure before accepting download or installing. If you do not know the software maker, find out about the program and the people behind it. Google the name of the software, if you see a a group discussion where several people are trying to get rid of the software, then it would probably be a good idea not to get it.

Clicking on Pop Ups

Clicking on pop up advertisements when on a website is most common way to get adware. Close the pop ups as soon as they come up and do not click on it. If you do this gives a great chance of getting adware. If you are on a website with several pop up windows, it is probably safe to say it has adware and to exit it. Block pop up windows by going into the options tab of your browser and clicking it, which could be under privacy or a different tab depending on what browser you use.

ActiveX Settings

You may also want to check your ActiveX settings. You can do this by going into your security tab in options on your browser. Enable where it says to download signed ActiveX controls. Be sure to disable to download unsigned ActiveX controls. Also disable to initialize and script ActiveX controls that are marked as being unsafe. Click prompt to run ActiveX controls and plug-ins. Also click prompt for script ActiveX controls that are marked as safe.

Email Attachments

When opening your e-mail do not click on attachments or links unless you were expecting to receive them. This is even true if it is from somebody that you know, the phishers can gain the information from people’s contact list and use it.

Update Operating System

Be sure that your operating system is up to date. Have updates set to automatically download to your computer. After you make sure that the update will not harm your computer you can install it. This way you can stay on top of software security holes that have been patched. Sometimes it can be a pain to have to stop to do a restart after the update is installed, but it is better to take the time for this to stay safer.

When following these steps to get the most out of your computer system, and keep the adware away, you’re able to protect not only your personal information, but your financial information. You’re able to have a more comfortable time while on the computer while surfing the web, doing work or school or anything else you’re on it for.



Best Laptop Technology of 2015

SD Slots are one of the newest technology innovations for laptops.

New Laptop Technology in 2015

2015 is bringing a lot more to the table when it comes to the technology they are able to provide everyone. This technology is something that stands out and makes us want more, higher grade, newer and more updated technology to replace the old models that we once loved. However, even with these new laptops of the year, consider having yours repaired and kept for an additional home computer, or perhaps just stay with the familiar and have it updated, upgrades and repaired to keep it for many years to come.

Here are some of the best laptop technologies of 2015

Super Thin Laptops

The super thin hybrid laptops out there that are thinner than a Macbook Air with just as long, if not longer battery life then them too. This is one of the biggest advancements that so many people found throughout the year, and one that really stood out compared to all of the other changes throughout the market.

With more sustainable shells and cases around them, these new laptops are making their rounds throughout the market because they can withstand wear and tear throughout the time that you’re using it. It provides class, looks great but is also pretty durable so you do not have to worry as much about dropping it.

Touch Screen

Touchscreen is another innovation of the year. It has gotten bigger, better and much more sensitive than the touch screens of the previous year. They are also more captivating and lively than what you would find in other computers in the market. You wouldn’t be surprised with this though, because touch screens seemed to have been moving this way. If you’re ever worried about having to press hard on the screen; you shouldn’t have to worry any longer.

Lower Price Laptops

More affordable laptop options are available than what we have previously seen. The prices for so many of the laptops out there have gone down substantially. This is a big change from what we have seen in the past where people are not able to afford those super cool computers that they have always wanted. This is good news for those out there that want to upgrade but do not want to spend thousands of dollars to do so.

Here are a few examples…

  • Lenovo N20 – $329.99
  • HP Stream 11.6 – $199.99 to $209.99
  • Toshiba Chromebook 2 – $346.98 to $358.99
  • Asus Transformer Book T100 – $259.99 to $379.99

The laptop that you choose to go with is one that should stand out and make you feel confident about purchasing it, bringing it home and using it for all of the computer needs that you have. 2015 will bring many more technology innovations and we cannot wait to see what they are all going to be!

Zolt on the Go Laptop Charger

The Zolt is the latest laptop on the go charger.

Weighing in at just three ounces, this charger is able to come with you while on the go and allows you to plug in your laptop when you’re in need of a little extra juice. This is a good thing to have if you find yourself on a road trip, in a hotel or somewhere else and you do not have your charger cord. You want to make sure that you can power up and check what needs to be checked, but if your laptop is dead and you have no power source then you will find yourself wondering how this is going to get done. The Zolt on the Go Laptop Charger can change this all for you and more.

Details on the Zolt

It is $79.99 and weighs a small amount, allowing you to slip it into your laptop bag, into your on the go bag or even in your pocket when you’re out and about. It is just three inches long and another inch and a half wide, not giving you much to worry about since that is smaller than the size of your pocket. There are three different USB outlets that you can use to plug your devices in. You can do laptops, tablets, phones and so on. You are not limited to the amount of items you can plug in and charge up with this nice little block of power.

You’re able to plug in all of your PCs, but right now there is not an option for a Mac, although they promise that by the time it comes to that, they will be offering a Mac version for those that cannot live without their laptops. This is a way to get the power you need while you’re out and about but without the worry of keeping the cord with you at all times.

You’re able to watch the charger status of your phone, tablet or laptop right on the screen while it charges it up. The best way to go is to keep it off or closed in idle while charging so it can gather the power and then you’re able to use it. Using your laptop can zap the life from the charger and the laptop much quicker than you’d think. This is a nice little device to have and make use of when it comes to charging all of the products that you need power with. It can also be helpful in a time of need when you find yourself in a sticky situation without enough battery life on your phone.

If this sounds like something you think you would use, check out where they are selling them and get yours today! You might find that charging your laptop on the go can be much more appealing when you use this nice little brick of a charger to go.

Should You Use a Tablet or a Laptop?

Choosing between a laptop and tablet

In the market searching for a laptop or tablet to meet your computing needs? Many people don’t know which one they should go with. Depending on your needs, you might find that one works better for you over another. In addition to this though, there are many ways that both products are exactly alike which can make choosing one or another hard to do. Consider some of these factors when choosing whether to go with the tablet or a laptop.

Tablets can have small, click on keyboards that you can use but might not be ideal if you’re constantly going to be typing. The touch screen is also not ideal for typing long pieces of content for an extended period of time. In addition, having a keyboard might be more ideal for school or for work purposes. You’re able to find smaller laptops that can provide the ease of use and ability to bring with you on the go that a tablet would provide you with.

Tablets are ideal for games, shopping or just doing some research. Watching shows and movies are also something that can be done when you use the tablet to your advantage. Laptops are good for these things do but they are not small, easy to access and you have to find a way to maneuver the games or watch the movies while sitting up which can be trickier.

While tablets provide more portability, laptops can also provide the same thing. Laptops are more powerful and a lot of them come in smaller sizes such as a netbook. You can do the same thing on both of them but the one you choose to go with should be the one you feel the most comfortable on. Depending on the needs that you have, it could be either one.

Many people choose one or the other because of these needs and what is going to work with them the most. With this being said, you have to go off of how you feel and what you think would be the best choice to go with. Shop in the market for both, read the reviews on both types and make sure to find the best one for both types of product. You do not want to choose which one is going to be the best for you only to find out that the particular brand is not one that you like.

Tablets and laptops have come a long way. Choosing between them can be difficult but when you have the right one, you’re then able to feel good about the decision that was made. Some people even just give up and use them both!

Learn More About Intel Laptop Features

Intel Notebooks are more advanced than ever

Intel has always been the creators of some of the best technology out there that you can find on the market. With some of the fastest parts that are placed in other computers, you should feel confident about purchasing an Ultrabook to bring home and use to your advantage. Not only does it provide fast speeds but it is sleek and professional looking.

So before you consider Intel off the list for the laptop you’re after, remind yourself that these are the makers of the i3, i5 and i7.

Voice Control 

Control your entire notebook with gesture, voice or touch controls. This means that anyone is able to go on their notebook, open it up and use it like they would with a normal laptop or they can choose to control it through other means. This makes their technology stand out a bit more than the competitors in the field.

One of the biggest developments is because this is going to be a notebook that those who are not able to touch the screen can still surf the web, talk with friends and do all of the things that technology is enabling us to do without having to have the capabilities of touching the screen or clicking a mouse.

Intel is a leader in the computer technology industry and they will continue to be a leader as long as they are in the market. With innovative new approaches that allow so many more people to use technology how it was meant to be used. With so many good things that you’re able to do with just one laptop, you will find that choosing the right laptop is the only thing that can be done if you want to do everything in a high quality standard.

Looks and Durability 

With many different Intel computers to choose from though, all that have high processing speeds, rugged looks and ease of use with them, you’re able to choose one that fits the needs you have. Many businesses use these laptops since they are some of the best in the market. While they are a bit more expensive than some of the others out there, you’re paying for what you get when it comes to it.

If you’re searching for a new computer, speak with us here at IQ Computer where we can provide new computers with Intel processors for you.