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How to Boot to the Desktop in Windows 8.1

Boot your computer right to the desktop.

You’re able to skip the start up screen altogether with the new Windows 8.1. Previously, you would have to install a fancy program that would do this for you, or find alternative ways around it but now you can boot right to it, without a problem and it is also extremely easy to do – even for a beginner.

  1. Open the Control Panel that is found on the tiles on the home screen.
  2. Now click on the Appearance and Personalization icon within the Control Panel.
  3. Taskbar and Navigation is the next area that you have to click into.
  4. Now go into the Navigation section of the area.
  5. Then click on the check box that tells you to go straight to the desktop on the computer, instead of the start screen when you boot up or close out of the applications on the computer.
  6. Click OK to save the settings that you made.

Now you’ve changed the settings on your computer so that you can sign into the desktop portion of your screen, instead of on the start menu. So you will no longer be sent to the tiles on the screen, but right to your work space so you can do what it is that you’d like to do.

This is an easy way to get this program off your computer, but if you feel that you’re having trouble with it, or it is just not working for you – then you need to make sure to speak with a professional that is able to help you out. There may be a bug, or you may not be upgraded to Windows 8.1 – make sure to speak with someone that can find out the source of the problem.


Open SSL and What You Should Know About it

Open SSL might not be as protected as you may think.

Vulnerability is something that comes with any computer. You’re going to come across bugs, viruses and many other problems along the way. It is inevitable, but with the right protection on your computer – you shouldn’t have to worry about something like this – but you should get information about it, so you’re more prepared to take on the problem at hand.

Open SSL is known for this problem called Heartbleed. It is a bug, or virus that is able to get into your computer and do some pretty bad stuff. We are going to give you an overview of what to look out for, and a better understanding of the system and the virus, so you can rest easy at night.

What this is exactly is the security system that processes information over the Internet such as credit card information, and other personal sensitive information. You will generally see a small lock on the web page url on the top of the page – that shows that the pages are secured while you’re filling out the forms. Generally, the page refreshes while you’re doing this, so the information is kept safe – this is the heart beat part of the encryption.

The Flaws

There are flaws in this system however, for some this can become a nightmare. The information that is entered into the system is kept in piles throughout the system. These piles are what can be copied, and copied again. This means that your information can be duplicated and then sent somewhere that it shouldn’t be going. This is a bad thing to happen – something you do not want to happen. These little wavelengths that are happening as you enter the information can leave the sensitive information wide open, causing the information to be stolen.

Always check the programs that you use, that also use Open SSL. You want to stay away from them whenever possible. This is to ensure that these small holes within the system are not allowing your personal information to be vulnerable. You can also add a virus protection program on your computer – that will alert you – when a website is not as it should be and can pose problems. Then it is up to you whether or not you’d like to put your information in. As a general rule, the Explorer on Microsoft Windows generally does not allow Open SSL due to the vulnerabilities that are there.

If you find that you’ve had a problem due to this, consider working with a computer professional that can install the protection on your computer, as well as remove any and all viruses to protect you and your information better.

What is Data Recovery?


Data recovery is something that is necessary when you’ve lost important information.

A lot of people have probably heard about data recovery before, especially if you’ve owned a computer in your lifetime. However, many people do not even know what this means. If you want to know what it is and how it works, then take a peak at some of the information below.

What it is

Data recovery is when someone is able to take the data that is stored on your computer and salvage it when it is not able to be accessed through the normal means that you would be able to access it. Generally, on computer hard drives, when something is wrong with the system and you’re not able to get into the computer through booting it up and getting on it – you’ll have to do data recovery to get any information, files, pictures, etc. off of it in order to keep them.

Back Ups 

Data recovery is not needed if you are able to do a back up of the files on your computer throughout the years that you own it. This provides you with copies of everything throughout time so that you do not have to worry about not being able to access these files and other data if you’re not able to get onto your computer through the traditional means. This is why backing up the files and other data on your computer is recommended so highly. You’ll always be able to access the files that you need, even when something goes wrong.

No matter how this information is lost; it is still able to be recovered through a range of means. However, for those that are new to computers and being able to access this information, it can be tough since it is something that can take time, patience and of course, the right programs to completely restore the copy.

With this being said, it is best to contact a professional regarding the data recovery that you’re in need of. Not only can they provide you with the data that you’re missing, but they can even clean out your PC, fix the problems with it and provide you with a well working computer so then you do not have to worry about having to do this on your own or even wishing you had that information back.

Speak with us here for more information on how we are able to do this for you, and for the life of your computer.


Better to Repair or Replace Your Old Laptop


Old computers should be repaired or replaced, but which?

Repair My Laptop or Buy a New Laptop

To repair or replace, that is the question. When it comes to an older school laptop, you have to consider all of your options and whether or not you should repair or replace it for the upcoming term. This is something that can save you money, while still providing you with a dependable laptop that is able to get the job done.

Is Laptop Repair Worth it?


The cost is probably the biggest consideration that so many people grapple with when it comes to which to go with. On one hand, the problems that are presented with your laptop could be minimal, on the other – they may be some of the most expensive fixes that you’ve come across. If you want a decent laptop to replace this one, then you’re still looking at a few hundred dollars, because you want something that is nice and is going to last.

So consider the fixes that need to be done. Are they extensive? Will you need new software or hardware? Have you spoken with a professional about the amount that would be needed to fix the problems on your computer? Getting a rough estimate of how much the computer is going to cost is always a good idea. Then you can compare this cost with the cost of purchasing a new one.

Hardware Repairs 

When it comes to having an LCD screen repaired due to something wrong inside it, or having a motherboard that needs to be replaced – you should always consider purchasing a new laptop. Both of these fixes could probably cost you several hundred dollars – which is expensive. Of course, if you love the laptop and want to go through with the hardware repairs, then who are we to tell you otherwise. Just make sure that you have a professional replace these items since you can further damage the new ones if they are not correctly installed in the computer.

The Laptop Age

The age of the laptop can also make a difference. Generally, laptops that are four years or older are not in prime condition. They may need to be replaced, even if you find a refurbished newer laptop – this still might be better than the one that you’re using. This can provide you with a way to get more out of your laptop, since it is newer now and able to function correctly compared to the older one that you had.

Whether or not you want to repair or replace, you should always make sure that you get the right information. The first step that you should do is to speak with a professional computer repair technician about what exactly needs to be done to repair the laptop that you own.

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Laptop

Be smart when choosing which laptop to purchase

When it comes to purchasing a laptop, or any other PC for that matter – you need to keep some key features in mind. This is a process that involves you doing a bit more when it comes to just going to the store and picking out the one that you like the looks of. Each computer has different specifications and you want to make sure you get what you pay for when you choose one from the many available. Here are some key features you should keep in mind during your PC hunt.

The Portability 

If you’re purchasing a laptop for portable reasons, then you have to think about the weight of the laptop. You want something that is not going to drag you down. However, you also have to consider what comes in it. Those laptops that weigh less than others tend to have no drive in them, which makes putting programs on, playing games or burning CDs or DVDs rather hard. You want something that is going to perform well, provide you with the options you need but is not going to weigh as much as a desktop.

Screen Size

Depending on how you like to view things, you might want something a bit bigger or smaller. With this being said – if you do not get the right sized screen, you might find yourself becoming frustrated with the choice that you made. Not only that, but larger screened laptops tend to be more heavier than those smaller, more portable options.


The processor is what makes your computer go as fast or as slow as it does. This is something that you have to think about. What are you going to be doing on your computer? Is it something that is going to take up a lot of space, you need to start up quickly and actually be smooth and on point? Typically, when you choose a smaller sized computer – the smaller the processor is going to be due to the fact that fans and other equipment need more power to run.

Hard Drive

The hard drive space is important. You want to make sure you have enough room to store everything that you want to store. If you’re unable to provide yourself with enough space to hold all that you want, you might find yourself having to clean out your computer over and over again. You also want to ensure that the speed is top notch. You want the items to save, and you want the computer to be smooth.

There are so many things to consider when it comes to purchasing a laptop since you want to make sure that you’re paying for something that is worth the cash you’re putting down. Make the right choice for you, and your needs and you should be happy with the outcome.

Get the Classic Start Menu Back in Windows 8

Using a different Windows Start Menu is possible.

Windows 8 can seem to be full of trickery to the person that is unsure of how to use it. There are many things that are different about the software that so many people have to take the time to get to know so they are able to fully enjoy their computer and the platform that you’ve now gotten used too. However, there is one thing that many people find the most annoying about this Windows, compared to all others – the classic Start menu that you once used all the time is no longer available to you.

Here is a quick and easy way to get that start menu back up and running, so you can then use it whenever you want – instead of trying to find ways around it.

These apps can be downloaded and then used to your advantage when it comes to finding items on your computer easier then ever. Of course, you can use the tiled screen to get to where you need to go, and well, it is pretty cool but not as fast as the Start menu that you used to use.

Classic Shell

This is a neat start menu for those wishing to customize where they like to go, or to choose from places that you go too the most often. If you’re looking for something that is going to provide you with a way to place those jump to places on, then Classic Shell can help you get there. Tweak all of the features on it, and make it your own. Keep it right on your desk top for ease of use, as well.


This Start menu provides a different look. It looks sort of like your tiles but they are on your desktop for easy access. You’re able to put the places that you would like right on it, so they can be displayed, while also getting the benefits that come with the original Start menu built right in. This menu however, comes in a free and paid version. You’re able to customize the menu a bit more when you pay for it, but the free version provides a lot of the same specs.


This app was made specifically for Windows 8. It provides you with a list of different programs that you’re able to choose from and get more out of. You can go into as much detail as you want when it comes to selecting a file, folder or area that you want to visit. The design of the app is also sleek and easy to use, while the customizable features provide you with endless options.