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    We remove computer viruses in the Washington DC area. We offer onsite, online and in shop virus removal service. Computer viruses slow down your computer and steal your personal information like private photos, credit cards and contacts. Common symptoms of malware and spyware include slow computer, freezing, pop ups, start up problems, messages on screen, and missing files or desktop icons. Our trained computer technicians perform computer virus removal in Alexandria, VA, Arlington, VA and the Washington DC metro area.

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    What is a Computer Virus?

    A computer virus is malicious computer program designed to do bad things to your computer or network. They often spread to other computers through email, network connections and flash drives. Computer viruses can:

    • Erase important information from your computer
    • Steal personal, financial information
    • Block your internet connection
    • Corrupt and damage your Windows operating system

    How did my Computer get Viruses?

    Computers can get viruses many ways. Its likely your computer got a virus from visiting malware infected websites, opening email attachments or clicking bad links, external media (thumb drive, memory cards) and downloading music, movies, and games from dangerous sources like Peer to Peer sharing. Also, out-of-date expired antivirus software and freeware can leave PCs vulnerable to malicious software infections.

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