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What Maintenance Should I Be Doing, and When

Clean up your computer with weekly maintenance.

Clean up your computer with weekly maintenance.

PC Maintenance is Important

You need to have regular computer maintenance performed to ensure it runs smoothly. Some maintenance needs to be done weekly, while others monthly. These tasks are not hard, even novice computer users will have no problems completing them. If you do not use your computer often, these maintenance steps can be performed less often.  Sometimes this tasks can be automated which eliminates the chance of forgetting to do it.

Weekly Computer Maintenance

These steps should be performed on a weekly basis. Make a habit of doing this on the same day each week, making it easier to remember.

To prevent loss of data with a hard drive crash, or if some reason the drive is destroyed, backup weekly. No matter what type of computer, or operating system you may have, this needs to be done.

Remove temporary files, and old compressed ones, program files that were downloaded, offline web pages, and empty recycle bin by using disk cleanup. This utility is located already on your computer, no download needed. Access it by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.

Check for updates for your antivirus software, for the program itself and definitions, as well. Now to ensure your computer is free of any viruses, Trojans, or malware, run a full scan.

Monthly Computer Maintenance

When powers is lost, program crashes along with some other issues, cause error on the hard drive. There is a way to check for such errors. This also is already on your computer, and no download needed. Checking your hard disk for errors can take awhile. Plan on doing this when you will not need you PC for approximately an hour, depending on the hard drive size.

To perform this task go to Start > computer. Now right click on your hard drive and select properties, then next tools. Select check now, underneath error checking. Next a box will appear and you will want to check both of these choices. Hit start, a message will ask if you would like to schedule this check on the next restart of your computer, select yes. Restart when ready.

Check all the programs installed, and uninstall any not being used anymore.

Windows Automatic Maintenance

There is no longer a need performing disk defragmentation unless Windows XP is still being used. The other OS will automatically perform this task. Under no circumstance defrag an SSD.

Check the scheduling of auto defray on Windows Vista 7 and 9 to make sure it is enabled and scheduled for a time that the computer will be on, but not in use. Check the Windows Updates settings to make sure they are set on automatic download and install.

Windows update should be set to check for new updates automatically. Computers can install them automatically. If you would rather be informed there is new updates to be installed before they are, you can set Windows Update to do this. This maintenance needs to be done each time new updates are ready to install. Do not wait to install them.

Maintenance is important for any computer, of any age. In order to get the most function out of any system, maintenance can provide that extra boost that is needed whether you choose to do it yourself, it is automatically done or you hire a professional to do it for you.

When to Hire a Professional to Fix Your Computer

Computer Professional Services

Computer Professional Services

Fix My Computer

Your computer is having some troubles. How can I fix the computer problem that I am having? You might be wondering about what is causing this slowness to happen, or why your computer is not working. These are all things that should be fixed and perhaps you’re not the best person to troubleshoot and fix the problems on your own.

Should I Get Professional Computer Help?

So when is it time to call and employ the professional that can help you fix this problem?

Computer Problems Require Computer Repair

Here are some things that shouldn’t go without being fixed by a professional, or when in doubt – give them a call to find out how they can help you and what exactly they can do.

  • Your computer is overheating and you do not know what the problem could be. Perhaps your fan in it is not working correctly, and needs to be replaced but this can be a tedious project that you may hurt yourself or the computer if you do it on your own.
  • You need to get a virus off your computer that is not letting you on your computer or do the various programs within your computer.
  • Your computer is not turning on at all and you do not know why. Bringing it to a professional can get some of the stress off of you and put more focus into getting your computer back up and running.
  • The screen on your laptop is broken and you need to replace your laptop screen. You do not want to risk damaging anything else on the computer, so you make sure to bring it to a professional that can fix just that.
  • You cannot get certain programs to run or you’re having a hard time working the operating system on your computer. Perhaps it is missing something or it needs to be re-installed, but you have so many questions and do not want to deal with it.

Whenever you’re in doubt when it comes to fixing your computer, you can make sure to speak with a computer repair professional that knows what to do. You shouldn’t have to become frustrated when something on your computer is not working. They have you covered and ensure that you get the best computer service possible, and that you leave with a working computer once again.

Find Computer Repair in Alexandria VA

Find Computer Repair in Alexandria VA

Find Computer Repair in Alexandria VA

Hiring a computer repair technician in Alexandria Virginia can have numerous advantages. Depending on the PC problems you’re experiencing, you should consider hiring a certified computer technician for the job. Obtaining computer repair is what you need to get back on track with a working computer. However, you may feel a little lost as to why you would need to hire someone or perhaps you’re scared to trust someone to do repair your computer. Here are some advantages to make the job of hiring a PC technician in Alexandria, VA easier on you. Remember, trust in the technician of your choice and know that they are professionals in this field – you will get your computer back with all of the fixes made.

Advantages of Hiring Computer Specialist

Understanding the main advantages that come with hiring a professional to clean and repair your computer can help you get the most benefits out of working with them. It will also help you trust someone to do the work for you so you do not have to worry about purchasing a brand new computer if it is not necessary.
  • It is a convenient way to get all of your fixes done. This is because you can just take in your computer to the laptop repair in Alexandria VA and have the fixes done in a snap.
  • Have the fixes done by a professional so you do not have to worry about something getting messed up. They have gone through the necessary training needed to provide you with the results that you’re after.
  • You’re less likely to make the problem worse if you hire a professional that is knowledgeable about the computer repair that you want to have done.  Trying to fix a computer yourself is a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Make sure that all of your files are safe and secure when it comes to working with the right company. You can trust them with everything that you have on your computer – from pictures to personal files and so on. Everything should stay safe.
  • Be able to have multiple options for software fixes, de-buggers and other programs to choose from so this type of fix will not happen again – the professionals are able to recommend something worthwhile.
  • Have access to other services besides laptop repair when you work with an Alexandria repair service for your fixes such as finding and diagnosing issues, removing viruses and other malicious software, as well as other services.
  • Reduce the amount of stress that you’re going through when it comes to working with the company. This is because they know what they are doing and you might not. Take the stress out of trying to find out what to do and give it to someone who knows.
  • It is cost efficient to hire a professional to repair your computer for you instead of giving up and buying a new computer that doesn’t have the same problem – whatever that problem may be.
  • Receive quality customer service that is needed to fix the problem that you’re having with your computer. You can even work with them each and every time you have a problem or question with your computer so this means you can have an ongoing, trustworthy relationship.

What to Ask the Computer Shop

Will My Computer Be Wiped Out?

Working with the right computer service company for your laptop repair is essential when it comes to obtaining the best service. It can’t be stressed enough that a trusting relationship should be established between the client and the PC professional. This is due to the fact that you may, or may not have personal and valuable information, like photos, homework, and music on your computer and you want them to keep it safe during the time that they are trying to fix your problem. With the right company – you can have this and so much more.

Is My Computer Fixed Locally?

Some computer shops like Geek Squad® will send your computer across the country for even a simple hardware fix.  This can add several days or even weeks to the repair time.  You should find out if you computer will be fixed at the place you are dropping it off.

Am I Covered After My Laptop Repair?

Many computer shops give you an opportunity to check the computer on pick up, then disavow anything once you walk out the door.  IQ Computer Services in Alexandria, VA gives you 7 full days of free telephone and email tech support.  This way if you have a question later, you don’t have to worry if you will be charged to ask a pro about it.
Don’t worry about having a non-working computer fixed if you have the means to get on the phone and call someone who is able to fix it? There are many things you’re not able to do if you do not have a working computer. Not only that, but if you have a virus – someone could be stealing personal information off your computer and this needs to be removed as soon as possible. Trust a professional to remove these types of viruses and spyware completely from your hard drive.
Contact our computer and laptop repair company in Alexandria today to find out more regarding what we can do for your computer. We are proud of our services and provide only the best in the area for computer repairs. Make sure to build a relationship with a company you trust – IQ Computer Services – we are here to provide our knowledge and expertise regarding the fixes that you need to have done.

Increase Your Computer Productivity

woman at desktop computer


Get More From Your Computer

If you use your computer for work , you know how important it is to have everything in perfect working order. You don’t want to run into any complications while you are trying to get things done. If something were to happen and your computer stops working, that could potentially affect your ability to do your job, and will make it harder for you to make money and support your family.

Of course, that is one of many possible scenarios and one of a million different things can happen as a result of a problem with your computer. Not only demonstrating how much people in general depend on them, but also how useful they are with so many facets of our everyday life. We use our computers for everything nowadays, and when they aren’t performing at their best, we can tell.

Don’t Get Frustrated

Our attention spans are getting shorter and our expectations are getting higher, but there is no need to just deal with a computer that is causing you problems. Instead, you can do something about it, and you don’t even need to take it in to a computer repair shop to do so. If your internet isn’t going as fast as you’d like, then you may want to look to enhance your current system with new hardware.

Though it doesn’t look like much, these network interface cards have a great impact on the amount of data your computer is able to send and receive via the internet. They only take a few minutes to replace before you’re back up and running, just like new. You can also just as easily choose a GLC-T transceiver and increase your speed even more, giving you the ability to stream video and music faster than ever, and allowing you to get your work done faster with fewer setbacks.

What is it Worth to You?

The value of a well-performing computer cannot be underestimated, and not only must we always be doing preventive maintenance in order to ensure its longevity, we also need to make sure that the capabilities of current technology don’t leave your particular computer in the dust. It doesn’t take much money or effort to keep your computer up to date, and when you start to see the difference for yourself, you will gain a new appreciation for your new hobby, and you’ll be more knowledgeable when you continue your work in the future.


How to Fix Computers

Computer Maintenance – How to Fix Computers

Has your computer stopped working?

laptop computer

frustrated woman at laptop

Computers require maintenance on a regular basis. Maintaining and repairing your computer ensures it operates error-free instead of making you frustrated. Read these free computer repair tips:

Defragmentation of the computer system is necessary to prevent it from slowing down on performance.  Neglecting this results longer wait times when searching for files and opening programs. Defragmenting also streamlines bits of other programs and files that have been deleted or uninstalled, and that have been distributed randomly in the system, taking up unnecessary memory space.

Installing anti-virus software helps prevent system crashes and theft of private information by online criminals. Many cyber-threats such as viruses, trojans, spyware could cause problems if left unchecked. It’s necessary ensure that antivirus programs are updated to deal with the newest cyber-threats.

Delete unnecessary temporary files and programs from the computer. These junk files waste hard disk space which also slows down performance.  Also remove software programs that you no longer use.

PC physical cleaning keeps the machine free from dirt and dust. Over time tiny particles and dust collect on the machine which cause it to overheat and malfunction. When working on a PC it’s best to keep food and liquids away from it.

Ensure the machine’s programs and software are updated. There are numerous software that can do this automatically. The main thing to remember is that computers need care and attention to work properly. These are some basic but important tips regarding computer repair and maintenance that users ought to keep in mind.

If you are unsure about how to do any of these tasks yourself, don’t risk damaging your computer system.  Consult a professional computer technician. Contact  IQ Computer Services certified computer technician to fix any computer problem.