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Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

lost computer file

Don’t Let Deleted Files Get You Down

Everyone makes the mistake of deleting files and later realizing their importance. Accidental deletion can be a common occurrence with multiple users on the same computer account or children may cause files to go missing. Fortunately, Windows has a few safeguards against lost, modified, or deleted files. The best way to ensure you don’t lose important data is to create a system backup using the Windows Backup feature. Once you discover that a file is missing, don’t worry, just open the start menu and use Windows Search to try to locate your lost file. Always check the recycle bin if you need to recover a lost or accidentally deleted file. Should you locate the lost file there, simply right-click and select restore to bring the file back.

Using Windows Back Up to Restore Deleted Files

  1. Open Backup and Restore by clicking the Start button 
  2.  Click Control Panel
  3. Click System and Maintenance
  4.  Click Backup and Restore
  5. Click Restore my files

To browse through the contents of the backup click browse for files or browse for folders. These two options do two different things. Choosing the browse files option allows you to look through files and choose the individual file to be restored. The browse folders option allows for restoration of entire folders. Using the browse folders option you won’t be able to see the files in that folder unless you go into the browse files option. If files keep disappearing it could be a symptom of a more serious problem like hard drive failure. All these steps could be a little overwhelming for some people to recover deleted files. If  that’s the case, you can always refer to Data Recovery Service to restore files for you.

2 Responses to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

  1. […] The Recycle Bin acts similar to a storage for the files and programs you have deleted, this way you can have a second chance to restore the stuff that you put in your Recycle Bin before permanently removing them from your […]

  2. great article. i’ll defenitly bookmark this

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