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How to Properly Reboot Your Computer

shutdown computer

Turn Off Your PC Right

Sometimes the simplest things can harm a computer system. To shutdown your computer improperly is kind of like being at work and all the sudden all the power goes out on you. This is what your computer goes through when you shutdown by just switching it off with the power button. There are always files open and programs running on your system whether you are running something or not. Shutting down by pushing the power button will cause these programs and files to lose data or become corrupt. When files start corrupting you run into issues like the system possibly not booting at all. At the very least you will keep getting a message stating ” Windows did not shut down properly”. Your system is letting you know there was a problem. This is why shutting down properly is so important.

How to Shutdown

There are many ways to properly shutdown a computer. The most well-known shutdown Process is through the start menu.

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Select Shutdown

You can also shutdown by

  • Pressing the ALT key + F4 key
  • Select either reboot or shutdown

The ALT Command will work in windows 8 but the Start menu is not a way to shut down. In Windows 8 in order to shutdown there are a few extra steps.

  • Go to top right hand corner of your screen. ( A menu will appear)
  • Select settings
  • (At the bottom of the menu) Select Power
  • Now select the option that is right for you.

With laptops pressing the power button doesn’t always turn off the machine. Sometimes hitting the power button will put the system in hibernation mode or sleep mode. It is very important to at least restart your computer at least two or three times a week to clear the active memory.This helps to keep the system running faster.These are a few ways to shut down your computer properly and avoid a costly bill in the future. For all your computer needs contact IQ Computer Services.

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