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How To Change Language in Windows 8

Change Language in Windows 8

Want to use a different language for your Windows 8 PC?  When you have Windows 8, you need to know how to use the many different features that it comes with. Multiple language support is a very useful feature included in Windows 8.  Maybe you have a multi-lingual family or are traveling abroad and need to switch languages.  A common reason to enable this feature is when you need to share your computer with someone who speaks another language. By following these step by step instructions, you’re able to learn more about enabling multiple languages and then be able to use them throughout the entire computer. You’re able to remove languages as well.

Enable Windows 8 Language Options

With Windows 8, you can enable additional languages by just changing some settings.  It only takes a few minutes to do and is simple enough for most users.  Here is how to switch to a different language in Windows 8.


Change Windows 8 Language


Adding a Language

  • First, open the Control Panel by typing it in on the metro start screen
  • Once in the language window, select Add Language under the heading Clock, Language, Region
  • Look for the language you want to use in the list, click the Add a language option — found at the top-left corner of the language list.
  • Choose the language that you would like to change the computer to. There are numerous languages to choose from.
  • Now you are able to use that language. You are able to preview the keyboard by going to the Options on the setting menu.


windows 8 launguage setting

Removing a Language

When it comes to removing a language from the computer – you can later add it back, this is done just as simply.

  • Go to the settings by right clicking the anywhere on computer screen.
  • GENERAL settings and on the control panel get back into the languages section and click on this.
  • Once you are there, you just have to click on Remove.
  • The language can be removed. It is just like when you add or remove a program from the computer and you will no longer be able to type in that language until you add it back to the computer.

Multiple languages are able to be used on the computer in this way. This allows anyone that is not able to read or type in English, which is the default language, to use the program and be able to read and type in their native language. Windows 8 provides an easier way to do both when it comes to adding and removing programs. Previously, on other platforms, the user would have to install a language pack in order to use the specific language that they would want to add.

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