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Secure Your Laptop Files From Theft

Theft is something all people should learn to guard against. Given the right circumstances anyone could take what rightfully belongs to you. There are many ways to help protect the files on your laptop if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

Bitlocker is a full disk encryption feature in  the Ultimate and Enterprise versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. It’s also available in Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 8. Bitlocker will encrypt entire disks making them almost impossible to be read without some form of authentication whether you  choose a USB key, password authentication, pin number, or a combination of the three. This would go along with password protecting your hard drive so that it is inaccessible without your password. If you choose not to password your entire drive, you can put a password on specific files or folders. There is also the option to encrypt just certain files and folders so that they can only be accessed by the computer which encrypted them. This is mostly used on external hard drives for privacy.

The best way to detour a thief is to show that the laptop will be more trouble than it is worth. You can accomplish this through many types of physical security. Most of the before mentioned tips rely on passwords. It is very important that you know how to create a strong memorable password because most protection assume that you will already have the know how on this subject.


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