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How To Create Strong Passwords

stong password

Create a Strong Password

A password you use on your computer is no different from locking the doors to your home. You want to know your home and everything in it are protected. The same idea goes for your computer. Passwords protect your digital life. Many people use password that can easily be guessed, figured out, or bypassed entirely. You wouldn’t leave for work in the morning leaving your front door wide open, so why wouldn’t you want the best possible password to protect your digital home. This article will teach you how to create a strong memorable password that is much more reliable than your dogs’ name.

Password Strength

A password should not be so complex that you will can’t remember it. A password should also be complex enough to make it difficult to be hacked. Finding this happy medium is the key. The right password is of course different for everyone due to the fact that some people can remember more complex things than others. Just try to remember to always include some basics into your password. The basic password should be at least eight characters. To ensure a high enough complexity always try to use lower case, upper case, and numbers. Including special characters such as a number or dollar sign strengthen your password.

 Pass Phrases

Pass phrases are a great innovative way to derive a password. For example say you have a dog named Sam that you walk at 6 pm everyday. Your pass phrase could be Everyday I Walk Sam At Six. With this pass phrase you can use the first letter of each word (making sure to use capital letters as well), a symbol for at and the number six. This gives you EiwS@6  which is a perfectly short easy password to use and quite secure. Now for the password hint you wouldn’t want to put your pass phrase exactly but instead a simple reminder of your pass phrase will do the job. So for our example you may use what time do I walk my dog. This will remind you of the pass phrase and still doesn’t give enough information to figure out the password. After creating a Windows password always create a Windows Password Reset Disk. Doing so will ensure that if your password is forgotten you will have much less aggravation in accessing your system.


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