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Data Recovery – How To Fix Hard Drive Errors

Data Recovery

Have you ever had the error message “disk is corrupt and unreadable” or “you must format this drive before use” on your external hard drive?  Hard drives do fail for various reasons and data can become corrupted unexpectedly.  The first thing you do when you see this error is panic.  That reaction is not uncommon or unwarranted because your files are very important to you and the thought of losing everything is not a pleasant one.  There are some steps that you should take when you encounter an external hard drive error. 

First, stop using the drive if it is malfunctioning, working intermittently, or running check disk or scan disk automatically when you turn on the computer.  Continuing to use the hard drive could lead to its immediate failure and reduce the chances to transfer or recover files.

Next contact a computer service professional at IQ Computer Services be sure to explain everything you can remember about the circumstances before and during the problem.  For example, mention if the computer dropped or involved in a spill.  This information may not seem important to you, but IT professionals are able to take the details and plan a strategy for data recovery.

Data recovery is a task best left to the experts.  You could make things worse by attempting to do your own file recovery.  The following tips are for those who want to accept the risk and try things on their own.

How to fix “disk is corrupt and unreadable error”

Option 1:

Start your computer outside of Windows using a boot disc such as Linux Umbuntu.  Do NOT install the Linux operating system on the computer, instead load from disc.  Connect an external hard drive to the computer and copy the important files from the internal hard drive to the external hard drive.  You may be able to do this even if Windows is won’t start up normally.

Option 2:  Plug in your USB external hard drive.  Start up your computer using the repair my Windows Vista or Windows 7 Recovery Disc or System Repair Disc.  Choose the option for Command Prompt.  Next type C:  chkdsk /r and press Enter.  The computer should begin to start scanning and fixing disk and file problems.  If you get a message saying that the disk in locked or currently in use, choose to run at next reboot.   Type exit and select restart.  Be sure to remove the repair disc from the DVD drive before the computer restarts.

After the disk check utility has completed, you will get an on screen report of the results.  It may tell you that errors were found and fixed.  Try to start up Windows normally and copy and paste files from your computer to your external hard drive.


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