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Internet Explorer 10

internet explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10

What’s New In IE10

When a conversation comes up about surfing the web with Internet Explorer there used to be few things said that were flattering. Microsoft hopes to change all that with the launch of its new Internet Explorer 10 which is available for download. Microsoft’s focus for this browser was not to completely reinvent the wheel but to make as many improvements as possible. The changes while subtle make Internet Explorer 10 the Fastest Browser on the market to date.


Internet Explorer 10 is the first browser made for Touch Screens. This new browser has two versions one for touch screens and another for standard PC. Using a touch screen you can flip ahead or back a page a with swipe of your finger. Using Windows 7 or 8 you can pin frequently visited websites to your start menu for easier access.  The Snap feature allows you to drag the window to the left or right of the screen and it snaps into place taking up half the screen. Sharing  is a breeze via social media with the share button.  Full screen mode gives you a display of one-box making tablets and touch screens easier to view.

Privacy and Performance

The privacy settings are very impressive. Now you can enable a setting that tells the website you visit Do Not Track. This prevents other sites from tracking webpages you go to online and how often you go there. One feature introduced in Internet Explorer 9 has been dramatically improved upon is the ability to utilize your Graphics Processor to render high-definition streaming video and other graphic media content from the web smoothly at blazing speeds.

With all the improvements to the Internet Explorer browser, upgrading  is definite. You may not have a choice in the matter because this new browser is pushed to your computer through Windows Update. Should you choose not to upgrade you must make sure to disable this update to prevent it from installing.

One Response to Internet Explorer 10

  1. Just Saying says:

    According to google, IE10 is only available for Windows 7 and newer. The “Snap” feature has been built into the Windows Operating System since Vista (Other operating systems have had it for many years) so IE10 touting a “New Snap Feature” is just recycling old news.

    Do Not Track is also only effective if the 3rd party ad companies opt-in to honor said setting.

    I’m more interested in the lack of explanation on how IE10 is the “fastest browser on the market” when all that’s detailed on performance is it’s ability to play streaming videos (like all other browsers) which is a feature of a hardware device (graphics card).

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