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Windows 7 Features

New Features In Windows 7

windows 7 desktop

Windows 7 Desktop

Whether you have a Windows 7 PC or are thinking about upgrading to Window 7, check out these impressive new features and  great improvements on features you may already have experienced.

The Task Bar, also known in Windows 7 as the Super Bar, has been improved upon in a multitude of ways. When you bring your cursor over one of your tabs such as your internet browser it opens a small preview window showing what you have open in that program. If you run your cursor over the preview it allows you to quickly view the page without actually opening it. You can also close Tabs from these previews without open the programs themselves. When downloading something having to check back on its’ progress is a chore all on its’ own. With Windows 7 the tab for your internet explorer download will progressively show you your download status filling from left to right. You can also quickly access the tabs by holding the windows key and pressing the corresponding number going from left to right.

windows 7 jump list

Jump List

Jump List is a new feature in Windows 7.  Right-click your taskbar icon which opens the Jump List where you can easily access recent items you have opened with that program. There is also a Pinned section of the menu which is comparable to bookmarking a web page in your browser.  Use it as a shortcut to open frequently used documents or photos.

The Home Group allows you to share picture, documents, music videos, and even printers with all the devices you link to the network. Windows 7 also comes preloaded with some very elegant themes. You can also customize your own theme to suit your own tastes.

A new feature called Snap makes window management much faster and more convenient. When trying to place windows side by side you no longer have the daunting task of resizing each window to only take up half the screen. You simply drag the window to either side and it will snap into place taking up half the screen on the side you chose. If you drag it to the to of the screen it automatically becomes full screen.

For those times when your screen just becomes to cluttered with windows this innovative new OS has a feature to assist you. If you have a multitude of windows open and want to minimize all but one  the new feature called Aero Shake makes it a breeze. Simply grab the window you want to keep open and give it a shake.  All other open windows are minimized instantly.  Repeat this action to restore all open the windows that were minimized by your first shake.

Want to take a peek at your desktop icons that are hiding behind open windows?  Aero Peek feature will clear the entire screen when you click a small rectangular button all the way to the right on the Task Bar.

These are just a few of updated abilities of Windows 7 . From the basics to the new and exciting Windows 7 comes with great promise and high hopes.

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