• About Us

  • Marcus Reed - Owner

    Nathan Reed - Owner

    We provide specialized care that only comes from a knowledgeable team. With premium IT services that provide our clients with the services they need, they focus on providing care to their clients, patients, or customers. Many companies and businesses end up growing because they are not constantly configuring their own systems or finding companies that say they can.

    We provide all of the IT support you will need for your systems, so you can rest assured knowing that our services do the job and do them right the first time.

    Who We Are

    IQ Computer Services is a veteran owned premium IT support business. It is our mission to provide businesses, companies, practices, and individuals with IT solutions that work. Our certified computer technicians are professional, friendly and understanding. Marcus Reed majored in computers science at the University of Maryland and decided to utilize skills and knowledge in the IT field by starting IQ Computer Services.


    IQ Computer Services partners with industry leaders Microsoft, Dell, Symantec, Intel, and Western Digital to provide affordable software, security, network, computer repair, data protection and recovery solutions.

    Your Privacy Matters

    We care about your privacy and always protect your files and secure personal information against theft. We never share or sell your information to anyone.

    Our Honored Guest

    Bring us your computer problem and we give you friendly, honest services. Our goal is to make each client feel like an honored guest. Before any repairs begin, we inform you of the cost and allow you to choose how to proceed. Rest assured after the sale as our dedicated professionals stay in touch to ensure everything is running smoothly.