From time to time, Windows may need to be updated, upgraded or may even come across a problem that needs to be fixed. This is something that you should not take lightly. Many times, when Windows is not working on your PC, you’re not able to use the PC at all. Whether you have Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or even Windows XP, we can provide you with the services you’re in need of.

Are you unable to solve the problem yourself or unsure of what exactly the issue is?  We provide diagnostic and troubleshooting of your Windows PC that at lower cost than Microsoft support.

Trust in Our Professional Windows Services

When you trust in our professional Windows computer services, we can work with you to provide not only the best Windows repair, but other computer repairs that may need to be addressed during this time. By not being able to use your computer, you may find that a lot of issues can arise.

Trust in a professional company that has the knowledge, education and partners with Microsoft to provide not only the best customer interaction, but the best hardware service and software support. IQ Computer Services always has you covered when the time comes to have your computer back in working order.

Common Problems with Windows Operating Systems

There often are glitches with the Windows operating systems, especially with the newer ones like Windows 10, since they’ve not worked everything out yet. However, we know ways around these glitches. Not only can we bypass these systems, but we can ensure that you’re provided with a better working operating system that moves much faster and smoother than you thought possible. We can even restore your operating system to its original condition.

Some common issues with Windows include:

  • Blue Screen Error (Sometimes referred to as the Blue Screen of Death)
  • Startup Issues Needing Startup Repair
  • System Restores Failing After a Crash, Virus or Other Issue
  • Removal of Viruses from the Windows Operating System
  • Slow Running Apps, Programs or Other Computer Operating Functions

Contact us here at IQ Computer Repair Services to speak with someone regarding the Windows issues you’re having. Feel confident once again about using your PC, Windows operating system and other components. We can schedule a time to look at the problem, diagnose and repair it, putting you back on track.