When seeking network support, you will find that few issues can resolved over the phone. However, we offer on-site service in event that your network is not working properly, it is best to speak with professionals that can remove and repair the damage.

Here are IQ Computer Services, we can provide you with the network solutions you’re in need of, whether it is repairs, set up, security or other areas; we have the knowledge needed to get you connected securely.

Troubleshooting Your Network

With network troubleshooting service, you can ensure that your network is working to the fullest potential. If it is a wireless network, then this is where many problems arise since the computers are not directly wired to the network and the information can sometimes get dropped going from one PC or device to the next.

Our professionals are able to provide you with network management that puts you in the best position possible. Not only can we help troubleshoot these issues and repair them, but we can also setup a network that allows you to do much more than reach across the Internet.

Setting Up a Network for a Business or Home Office

Set up a network design that works with you and your business to ensure that you obtain the quality services you’re in need of and that is easy for everyone on the network to use. Additionally, network and Wi-Fi security can also be established, as well as installing the ethernet network cable to connect the devices on the network, while securing it with Keberos (wired security).

Cisco router is recommended for network connections, providing secure and access point to all devices. We can also set up Windows Server remote access as needed. Switch management can be provided through innovative advances with the network preferences and settings.

One of the biggest benefits that those on a network like to use is the file sharing capabilities that are provided through the network. Through a secured, computer network, files can easily be shared between the computers that are all connected to the same network. This allows business to run more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

We can also setup network attached storage, so that all of the employees can put documents, files and other important data where authorized persons have to access them. This allows for a better utilization of storage space on the computer’s themselves, while also making the office more effective as a whole.

We provide onsite network troubleshooting and diagnostics, installations and repairs.

If you’re considering a network to connect too for your business, company or home office; speak with us here at IQ Computer Services. We can, not only fix issues you might be having currently, but we can also setup and troubleshoot networks. We strive to provide the best services, and through our innovative approach, you can obtain the best. Call us today to set up your appointment!

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