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Windows 10 Will Compel You

Windows 10 might be the next move for you.

Windows 10 might be the next move for you.

Compelling Reasons Why You Will Want Windows 10

Windows 10 has just came out and has many reasons why you should upgrade if you have not done so yet. This operating system is being offered to many users that use Windows. But what does Windows 10 offer the user and is it worth upgrading?

There is free updates, gaming support increased, personal assistant, and much more, this operating system is looking like the best, and probably final version of this operating system.

Free For Many People 

Upgrading to Windows 10 is free to many people. If you have Windows 7 or higher, you most likely have received a notification on your taskbar allowing you to upgrade. Free upgrade is available for one year. If your Windows version is older than 7 or not legit, you will have to pay $119 to receive the home version. Microsoft is hoping to have everybody on Windows 10 and off older versions.


A feature already existing on Windows Phone is now on Windows 10. Cortana is Windows 10 personal assistant. It can recommend the best restaurants nearby to eat at, give you traffic updates, give you the latest news, and so much more. Commands can be typed or spoken, such as asking for the weather forecast or a reminder set.

Microsoft Edge

It is well known Internet Explorer has a bad reputation. Microsoft’s solution to this problem is a new browser bundled with Windows 10. This browser lets you write notes on a webpage, search results are given directly with its address bar, and is lightweight.

Start Menu and User Interface Updated

One feature that is used most for almost every Windows user is the Start menu. It was completely changed by Microsoft in Windows 8, and users were not happy. Windows 10 brought back the Start menu we loved combining the best parts of Windows 7 and 8. And back where it belongs, the power button.

There is two halves in the start menu. The regular file explorer is on the left and apps recently installed and used most. On the right is live times with modern apps.

This just touches the surface of all the compelling reasons why to upgrade to Windows 10. Now you just have to figure out how to work it.


2 Responses to Windows 10 Will Compel You

  1. […] own personal taste. You can go by default to desktop or tablet mode, or use what you last used. The Start Menu will have a personal feeling when you are done customizing it to your taste. Who said that Windows 10 couldn’t be yours? […]

  2. […] Cortana uses the search engine Bing to give you answers to your questions. Google Knowledge Graph is similar to this. To receive a quick answers, just ask questions that are like “How tall is the tallest building in New York City?” or perhaps “What year was the Constitution signed?” Cortana learns about you and tailors to your needs. Check out Cortana for all the other great features available. If she doesn’t persuade you to want Windows 10, maybe one of these other reasons will. […]

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