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Windows 10 Start Menu Guide

Improved start menu is ready to go.

Improved start menu is ready to go.

Windows 10 Start Menu Has Changed

Windows 10 has brought back the Start Menu. However, there are some changes that were made from the last Start Menu we saw. There is more options for customization and functionality than there has ever been, and these ways may not be obvious to the user immediately. This guide will show you a few of the basics.

Look at the Start Menu

On the bottom left side of your screen there is a Windows icon that you can click on to open the Start Menu, or you can simply use the Windows key. The column on the left contains quick access for utilities and apps, similar to Windows other Start Menus. The rest of the area has Live Tiles that you can toggle whether the tile updates on its own when you have an active internet connection by right-clicking it. You are also able to resize or remove the tile.

Access to Start Menu Settings

To get an in-depth customization, you need access for options of personalization that are located in Settings. To open Settings, right-click on your Desktop and select Personalize, and finally choose Start. This is where you choose what content is shown and what is not on the Start Menu. To see the many options available, be sure you select “Choose which folders appear on Start.”

Change Colors

Right-click on your Desktop and select Personalize, then select Colors. Once there, pick the color you want from the palette.

Pin Settings Commonly Used to the Start Menu

Windows 10 allows you to pin settings to your Start Menu for quick access. When you find items that you would like placed in your Start Menu, right-click and select Pin to Start.

Switch to Tablet Mode

To have Tablet Mode activated, go to Settings > System > Tablet Mode where you will find the modes toggle. Using the dropdown menu beneath, When I sign in, you can choose what happens according to your own personal taste. You can go by default to desktop or tablet mode, or use what you last used.
The Start Menu will have a personal feeling when you are done customizing it to your taste. Who said that Windows 10 couldn’t be yours? Now you can customize and make it your own with the click of a mouse.

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