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Windows 10 Features Gamers Will Love

Are these features you love?

Are these features you love?

What Windows 10 Features Are We Speaking of?

In the past, Microsoft tried to combine gaming with Windows, but never with any luck. Xbox always came out on top, while Games for Windows did not work out. However, with Windows 10 all that has changed, where they are combined in a way for all gamers to enjoy.

Support for Native Controller

One of the greatest gamepads is the Xbox controller, and is natively supported in Windows 10. No need to install new drivers, they are installed already. As of right now, there is only support for controllers that are plugged in, however, wireless adaptors will be available later in the year. Third party controllers are supported as well, such as Mad Catz and Logitech as long as their drivers work.

Xbox App

Users are provided with the connectivity the console offers with the Xbox app, right on their computer. When opening the app for first time, you may need to sign in. This connects you to the same account in which you sign into Windows.

Users can switch between pages from the tabs on the apps left side. There is a page for each game owned or want to own though their store. These pages allow users to view clips, find upcoming updates, look at what friends play, and browse achievements. This is a place where you can also see any screenshots or game clips in which you have captured.

Enjoy Xbox lives social experience from your device. Engaging with friends through chat or directly launching into a game of cross-device multiplayer.

Game Streaming

If Xbox one is connected to a television that is in use by someone, no need to worry. Games from Xbox one are capable of being streamed to a Windows 10 tablet or PC.

Due to the console still being what is technically playing the game, there is no need to have a powerful computer to play use. Windows 10 is basically acting as a second screen, displaying the output of Xbox One.

Record and Screenshot

There is no longer a need to use third-party software for screenshots or recording of games. Windows 10 allows it to be done straight from it. There are ways for settings to be customized, by selecting Game DVR from Settings, which is located on the left side. There are several different options available to explore, making it possible for video and clips to have looks that stand out.

Play & Buy Cross-Platform

Although, play with cross-platform is not technically new, users with controllers defeated ones with mice and keyboards. Now with Windows 10 and Xbox One running off architectures which are similar, developers can more easily create games supported by cross-platform play.

Cross-buy is a concept linked with this. There are some games which have downloadable content and in-game purchases, able to be accessed regardless of playing Xbox One or Windows 10 device, with no need to pay two times.

Features available for gamers are excellent, with more coming in the future. So why not take the leap of faith and make this your new go-to platform for all?

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