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What’s New In Windows 8.1

new in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 What’s New

Windows 8 brought an entire new innovative operating system to the consumer. As with all new operating systems there were features that the public wanted to see and with the release of Windows 8.1 some of these features have come to light. Some of these additional features range from small tweaks in the interface to enhanced searching capabilities.

New and Enhanced Features

  1. Addition of a Start button – This new button on your desktop only takes you to the modern interface. (Also know as the metro interface)
  2. Boot directly to the desktop on start up – This feature does exactly what it says. you can now configure your system to boot right to the desktop eliminating the modern interface should you feel the need. To accomplish this Right click on your task bar and select properties. Then go to the Navigation Tab and choose the option that best suits your needs.
  3. Improved searching capabilities – Searching with in the modern interface has been enhanced using the power of Bing to assist the system in it’s searching.
  4. Enhanced Dual screen abilities – This feature is in windows 8 but in windows 8.1 you are not really limited as to how large or small you want the two screens.
  5. Staying in the Modern interface – They have made it more user-friendly staying in the modern interface and being able to access things like sky drive settings.

I would recommend updating to the Windows 8.1, if you are already using Windows 8. The enhanced features are convenient and easy to get used to. You can get Windows 8.1  from the app store for free if you already have Windows 8. Be sure to plug-in to power first.  Just go to the modern interface select store and there is a big app that says update. Click on that and then you click download.  Be prepared to wait a long time as this is a large download your system will restart several times.  As always visit IQ Computer Services for all your computer system needs from repair services to buying a new system.


3 Responses to What’s New In Windows 8.1

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  2. Rance says:

    One thing I really like about 8.1 is the ability to boot directly to your desktop. Kin of takes you back to what you’re use to with a Windows. I will be updating to 8.1 this weekend. Looking forward to the enhancements. Thanks for the information IQ very informative!

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