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What Tablets are More Like a Laptop?

Surface Pro 3 rated as one of the best tablets that works like a laptop.

As technology advances, so do the tablets that we use. These small little slivers of a computer are turning more and more into laptops by the year. So many people want the convenience of a tablet, but the power of a laptop rolled into one. You’re able to get all of that with the help of these tablets that have been rated the best for 2014.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – With specs like a laptop and a keyboard that snaps on, you’re able to have endless possibilities when it comes to using this for all of your work, school and leisure needs. You can carry it around easily like a tablet, in a sleeve and you can also connect the slim keyboard as you go.
  2. Apple iPad Air 2 – This has been rated over and over again as one of the best tablets to buy this year. It has many accessories that you can add to it. It has a large screen with ideal pictures and graphics. You can do a lot on a machine so little, but still be able to use it as a tablet.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S – This table is large and it can come with many accessories. You’re able to personalize it to your own liking, and you can do school, work and many other activities on it using the apps that are built in or the extensive selection of apps within the marketplace.
  4. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX – Also rated as one of the best kid’s tablets out there, this tablet packs a punch of power. You’re able to see smooth graphics, use many different programs, read books and so much more. You also get your money’s worth because it is one of the most affordable and most durable on the market.
  5. Google Nexus 7 – This is a smaller screened tablet, but it still provides all the power that you need rolled up into one small machine. Be able to do everything you need to do, including anything on Google – since it is ran and powered through Google, including docs and so much more.

Whether you’re choosing a laptop for yourself, for work or school or for your children – choosing one that you like the most, provides the most and is within your budget is always ideal. These tablets have been rated with the user in mind to ensure that you get all of these specs wrapped up into one small machine that can do it all and so much more, without taking up too much room while on the go.

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