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What is Java and JavaScript

Java and Javascript are different.

Java and Javascript are different.

The Relation of Java and JavaScript

Some people assume Java and JavaScript are related, probably because of the similar sounding name. However, this is not true. Javascript was developed by Netscape and used the name of LiveScript, originally. While Java was developed at Sun Microsystems, by James Gosling. Nevertheless, they both are Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language.

Object Oriented Programming 

In order to understand Java or Javascript, you should have a grasp about OOP. It is a programming method not based on procedures and functions, but instead based on objects. The objects get formed into classes. Basically, classes of commands build objects. These objects will create the whole.

Explanation of Java 

Java is a programming language used for computers. The language is like C++, but simpler. This removes language features that create programming errors, that are common. The codes do not have to be written in numbers. Programmers compose computer instructions, with commands based on English. Humans can write and read this language easily. There are rules that dictate how computer instructions are written. After the program is written, the computer understands the instructions. This is because they were translated into number codes.

Use of Java

Many websites and application will not work without Java installed. Java allows you to see 3D images, chat with people over the internet, and play games online. That names just a few things. You might have received an error that a program can not run, without Java. Java is found in computers, cell phones, gaming consoles, and data centers. Basically, it is everywhere.

Explanation of JavaScript

Javascript is also a programming language. Unlike Java, this is different from C++. Objects can directly inherit differences from one another. This forms the prototype chain of objects. Many objects that are built in, are supported by this language. JavaScript makes pages on the web, interactive. JavaScript is embedded in the web pages HTML source. Web developers have JavaScript run at different times, depending on their intent. Some of the times are when the page is opened, or closed. Clicking and dragging something, typing on the keyboard, or submitting a form, are other times. All web browsers have support built into them for JavaScript.

With JavaScript disabled, several websites will be unusable. For instance, with JavaScript disabled, Gmail will not be usable. This programming language is used all over the internet. Whether you’re using the PC or smartphone, JavaScript is needed.

Security with Java and JavaScript

JavaScript and Java can be disabled in the browser, by the user. By doing this, much of the modern web would be unavailable. Google Docs, and Gmail are just a few examples that need JavaScript enabled. To watch many videos, or play certain games online, Java needs to be enabled. Keeping the browser updated, and having the latest Java version helps protect against compromises.


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