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What Cortana Can Do For You on Windows 10

Cortana is the assistant that provides everything.

Cortana is the assistant that provides everything.

Cortana is the Personal Assistant You’ve Always Wanted

Cortana is a personal assistant that was only available for Windows Phone but is now on computers with Windows 10. There are several things that you can do with Cortana by speaking or typing questions or commands. This is a way to easily get useful information, deal with your schedule, and even track packages.

Set Reminders for Places, Times, and People

You can receive more than just specific time reminders with Cortana. Have Cortana remind you about something when you speak to a certain person, arrive at a certain location, or at a certain time. Also if you want, you can say something similar to this “Remind me to purchase bread when I arrive at [store name]” and a reminder will be created instantly.
To set a reminder, simply say “Remind me” or use an icon for reminders.

Have Cortana Launch Programs

Easily launch a program by saying “Launch [program name].”

Send an Email

With a mail app that is built-in and accounts you configure, all you need to say is “send email” or you can be specific and say a name that you have in your contacts to get started.

See Your Notes

Cortana can show you your notes if you use OneNote by using the command “show me my notes.” Filter your search with a range of dates also if you want.

Get Directions

Windows 10 includes a map app that Cortana opens when asked for directions. For example “directions to [location].”

Track Packages and Flights

Packages are tracked with their tracking numbers. Flight numbers are used to track flights. To view their current status, copy and paste these numbers into Cortana’s search box.

Get Answers

Cortana uses the search engine Bing to give you answers to your questions. Google Knowledge Graph is similar to this. To receive a quick answers, just ask questions that are like “How tall is the tallest building in New York City?” or perhaps “What year was the Constitution signed?”
Cortana learns about you and tailors to your needs. Check out Cortana for all the other great features available. If she doesn’t persuade you to want Windows 10, maybe one of these other reasons will.


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