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Ways to Boost Your Gaming PC

The performance of your PC matters.

The performance of your PC matters.


Boost the Performance of Your Gaming PC

Having a gaming PC sometimes requires a little work to get the best performance. You can get the best from your hardware, with a few steps. No need to have any tech experience, these are very simple to follow. In no time at all, your gaming PC will have boosted performance.

Driver Update for GPU

First thing to get the boost you are looking for, update GPU drivers. Doing this can give a boost in speed instantly. Graphic cards have regular updates for performance improvement. As new games are released, the more demanding they are on your graphic card. There have been some games that failed to play, until updates of graphic drivers were ready. Majority of times, you will be notified there is an upgrade available. You should also keep an eye out on AMD’s and Nvidia’s driver page, to ensure you have the latest.

Stop Background Applications That are Not Necessary

When you are gaming, you want as much system resources possible, dedicated to the game. Applications running in the background tend to slow computer performance. While all applications should not be disabled, there are some that can. You can choose to get an add-on for instance, Game Booster which disables what is not needed automatically. If there are applications you want left running, you can tell this program to ignore them.

You can also disable apps on your own without an add-on, if preferred. Open your task manager and select start up, uncheck each application that is uncritical. Beware if using this method, you may uncheck an application that is needed by your operating system. Game Booster knows which applications are safe to disable. If you believe an application is related to any hardware, or Windows, do not disable it.

Optimize Your Settings

AMD and Nvidia provide software that will optimize your game. Through much research they have learned scalable game presets, and hardware configuration that is distinct. This allows users to easily tailor settings in their game, with a slider using AMD Gaming Evolved or Nvidia GeForce Experience. This slider targets visual quality and performance. Some games have presets of their own, if you are not sure what settings to use.

Make sure you’re doing the necessary maintenance!

Hardware Upgrade if Still Not Boosted

If you have done everything suggested and not noticing a game boost, it may mean it is time for hardware upgrade. At some point you will have to update your hardware, in order to game on the PC. Games are starting to need more RAM in order to run, this is your cheapest upgrade. If you GPU is several years old, you want to upgrade that, as well. If you are confused what RAM or graphic card your PC can handle, contact a computer technician for assistance.

You can get the most out of the computer that you have, including high tech gaming. You just have to ensure you’re PC is ready and willing to handle it when the time comes.

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