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Video Card Failure

The video card in your computer is a very important component. It controls everything you are able to see on your screen. Most laptops have on board graphics which means it can’t be upgraded or fixed without replacing the motherboard. However some newer high performance laptops do have upgradeable  video cards but the cards can be rather expensive. When dealing with desktop computers the price is affordable and it generally can always be fixed.

gaming video card

Performance Video Card


Bad or failing video cards can produce a range of symptoms. Some of these symptoms are not limited to the video card always being the cause. A blue screen , black screen or white screen can be caused by graphics card failure. If your computer crashes when trying to play videos or you notice a very low refresh rate these can also indicate a failing video card. If the refresh rate start to decay it will seem like the screen in freezing or as if it jumps around a lot. The display can also flicker on and off.

Fixing your Video Card

The best thing to do is to keep up with the preventative maintenance of your system. This means clean your system of dust and other particles that may bog down the cooling system. Make sure your computer has proper ventilation. Letting a graphics card over heat is a big cause of them failing.

It’s a good idea to shut down your computer every night if you aren’t using it.  Fixing the video card in your laptop can be a daunting task. Where as with a desktop the task can be a somewhat easier. The problem comes with trouble shooting the issue and narrowing down the fact that it is actually your video card and not just drivers or something else. To alleviate the headache of  video card troubles or any other issues contact IQ Computer Services for any of your computer repair needs.

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