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Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection with These Tips

Troubleshoot Internet Connections Easily and Securely

Troubleshoot Internet Connections Easily and Securely

With the growing number of online gaming platforms, smart home devices, and streaming video services, keeping a strong internet connection up at home which more important now than it has been in the past. If you are playing World of Warcraft and experience lag, or downloading music is taking forever, the issue is likely not on your Internet Service Providers (ISP) side, but on yours instead.

1. Are you able to ping it?

To see if it is possible to connect to the outside, perform a Ping test. There are many free utilities available, but an easy way to do it when using Windows is by opening command prompt and enter “Ping” then enter the sites IP address you want to ping. If IP address is unknown, enter full address. For example, to ping Bing, enter Ping This measures the speed of your connection, if successful you receive times results. If it fails continually, try pinging numerous sites. There many an issue with your router or modem, or possibly your ISP if you still get no results.

2. Channel Change

One of fourteen frequencies, or channels a router can use to send and receive data over 2.4GHz band. Many of these channels are overlapping, but one, six, and eleven do not and are the ones used most frequently. There may be channel interference if experiencing spotty connection. Using the router-management console, change your Wi-Fi channel.

3. Is your firmware current?

Look in your router-management console for a firmware update tool in System section. Be sure all directions are followed carefully, and firmware version installing is correct one. Never download from a third-party site.

4. Begin Fresh with your internet connection

When a reboot of your router does not work, try a reset to factory defaults performing a fresh install. Majority of routers this is simply done by pressing and holding down a small reset button located on the rear panel. This button must be held for several seconds until you see the LED lights flashing. After reset, use the disc that came with the router or a web-based setup utility for your router to be reinstalled.

5. Are there issues with your PC?

Check your PC for possible viruses, malware, and spyware. These programs can be downloaded easily onto your PC without you ever knowing. These can play a significant role on your system performance. There are many free and subscription utilities available that can be used for detection and eradication of these types of programs. These utilities can even prevent them from being downloaded in the first place.

Check out these other top problems that come with using IE, and how you might be able to fix them.

These are just a handful of issues which could be having an impact on your internet connection. Contact your ISP if not resolved.

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